This project is a genealogical one place study of Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England. As well as Sturminster, the aim is to cover the Sturminster Newton Hundred which contains five parishes:
Sturminster Newton (including Bagber, Broad Oak and Puxey)
Hinton St Mary
Margaret Marsh
Marnhull (including Gannets, Hains, Moorside, Nash, Pilwell, Pleck and Walton Elm)
Okeford Fitzpaine (including Belchalwell and Fiddleford).

Primary people have at least one confirmed life event (birth, christening, marriage, death, burial) in the Hundred. Their names appear in bold in the surname lists.
To establish connections to other lines, every primary person has their parents, spouses, siblings and children recorded (where known). These secondary people appear in roman in the surname lists unless they are primary people in their own right.
People extracted from the raw data, whose information is still to be verified, also have their names in roman in the surname lists.
Examples should help to make this distinction clear.
A (born in Sturminster) and B (born in Marnhull) marry in London. Both A and B are primary because of their birth places.
C (born in Bagber) and D (born in Bristol) marry in Hinton St Mary. Both C and D are primary because of their marriage place.
E (born in Okeford Fitzpaine) and F (born in Portsmouth) marry in Portsmouth. E is primary (because of their birth place). But F is secondary (no life event in the Hundred but the spouse of E).
H was christened in Margaret Marsh. Their name is in roman in the surname lists because the information has not been checked yet.

This site is a spin-off from research into our family, who were originally from the Sturminster Newton area. Information that has been collected is being transcribed and put online for the benefit of other researchers. So far there is:

Censues for 1841, 1851 and 1861
Births, marriages and deaths (This is raw, unchecked data. Many of the people in these lists have not yet been added to the surname lists.)
Photos (some from Hinton St Mary and Sturminster Newton so far)
Surname lists

All of these pages are still being updated; information will be added as time allows. The surname lists are usually updated at least once a week, and often more frequently. A note at the end of each page shows when it was last changed.

Latest updates (most recent at the top):

1) Links to Commonwealth War Graves, Geni and Wikipedia are being added.

2)The site has passed a milestone; more than 4,000 pages published.

3) Censuses for Belchalwell have been added. Hinton St Mary is being worked on.

4) Source details are being added to the individuals pages.

5) Links to FamilySearch pages might require you to be logged into that site. This mainly seems to be affecting links from the BMD pages.

Any queries or offers of interesting information can be mailed to sturminsteroneplacestudy+contact at gmail with the usual dotcom on the end.

The database contains 4714 pages and 24527 entries (13021 primary, 6406 secondary) and was last updated on 19/11/21