Sidney Rose

Prominent Miller and Farmer
Mr. Sidney Rose, member of an old local family, a well-known farmer and miller of Fiddleford Mills, Sturminster Newton, died on Friday at the age of 73. Born at Fiddleford, Mr. Rose spent the whole of his life there and had carried on the mill and farming there in succession to his father, the late Mr. Samuel Rose, for the greater part of his life.
Mr. Rose was a grandson of the “Dorset Miller,” who was immortalised by William Barnes, the Dorset poet, both of whom were born in the parish of Sturminster Newton. The deceased was in occupation of Fiddleford Mills, which was one of the old water mills rented by his grandfather, the late Mr. Job Rose.
Mr. Rose bred some of the best cattle in the county, and was prominent supplier of cattle to Sturminster market.
He did not take an active part in politics or other public affairs. He leaves a wife and two sons — Messrs. Richard and Howard Rose.
The funeral took place at Sturminster Cemetery on Tuesday, the Rev. J. Pulliblank (Manston) conducting the service.
The coffin was conveyed to the Cemetery on a miller’s waggon drawn by two horses, and driven two servants, Messrs. F. Yeatman and P. Gregory, who have, between them, been with the deceased from 70 to 80 years.
The family mourners were Messrs. R. S. and H. C. Rose (sons), Mr. A. Rose (brother), Mrs. O. A. Rose and Mrs. F. Scammell (sisters), Mr. O. A. Rose and Mr. F. Scammell (brothersin-law), Mr. J. Tapper (uncle), Mr. V. Rose (brother-in-law), Mrs. A. Rose (sister-in-law), Mr. Clement Rose (nephew), Mrs. Waltham, Mrs. R. Rose, Mrs. Ganderton, Mrs. A. Watts, Mrs. V. Watts, Mrs. Masters, Mrs. Placke, and Mrs. R. Harding (nieces), Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Scammell (nephew and niece). Mrs. Edwards (cousin), Mrs. Stainer and Mrs. A. W. Rose (nieces), Mr. Leon Rose (nephew), Mr. C. Masters, and Miss Jeanes (friend). Others present were Mr. E. C. Ingram (Messrs. Senior & Godwin), Mr. F. Cowley (representing Capt. Pitt-Rivers), Colonel C. E. Bower, Mr. F. Lemon (representing Messrs. W. E. Brennand & Wilson, solicitors), Mr. C. R. Stride, Messrs. J. J. Hall, Tom Oliver. J. R. Eaton Bradley, H. J. Coombes, L. Walters (Yeovil), B. Herrington, F. Hopkins, Mrs. Hopkins, Miss Hopkins. Messrs. C. Teed, W. Fish, S. Beale, Wm. King W. Cross, H. Clarke, S. Foot. Robert Rose. P. Stockley, M. G. Trowbridge, H. Turk H. Stride, A. Travers, R. Rowland. P. C. Benjafield, J. Ridout, Mr. Fripp (representing Messrs. Blandford & Webb), Messrs. W. Ricketts, J. Herrington, F. J. Hazell, C. Crew, G. Knott, L. Barnett, V. C. Hunt, A. J. Russell, S. Barnes, Hector Miller, O. Harding, S. G. Harvey, Frank Cowley, J. Downes, J. W. Mitchell, A. Gartell, Alan Clarke, A. J. Rose, E. Jeans and son. — Godlard —, Gale, W. Eaton, Mrs. Eaton, Mrs. P. Gregory, Mrs. C. M. Rowland, Miss N. Strange, Mrs. R. Rose, and Mr. and Mrs. Ricketts. There were many floral tributes.

SidneyRose obituary
Western Gazette, page 2, Nov 20 1942

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