Tom Hilliar

Funeral tribute
The death of Mr. Tom removes from the parish one of its oldest inhabitants. He passed away in his sleep on Sunday in his 87th year at Rose Hill Farm where he and his wife had been living in retirement with their son Mr. Frank Hilliar for upwards of nine years. Mr. Hilliar had been out and about, as usual, on the previous day and for his age was considered an active man.
For over 49 vears he lived at The Mill Okeford Fitzpaine and during that period always associated himself energetically with all the parochial activities. He was one of the early members of the Parish Council, an enthusiastic supporter of the village flower shows and Slate Clubs fetes.
The Cricket and Football Clubs also found in him a keen and ardent helper; indeed, in the early davs he was formidable member of both organisations. He also frequently and successfully appeared in the West Pennard eleven during their local cricket contests. He was an exceptional shot, being very quick with the gun, and he could formerly throw a good quoit. Also in the noble art of self-defence, many youngster was first brought to book at the Mill where the proprietor was no mean exponent of the craft. In fact, Mr. Hilliar was an all-round village sportsman.
The Funeral
The funeral took place on Thursday at St Andrew’s Church the service being conducted by the Rector (Rev. C G Rogers). Principal mourners were Messrs F Hilliar and C Hilliar (sons); Mesdames R Woolridge, E Mitchell, J Ridout, N Ridout (daughters): Messrs H Hilliar, G Hilliar (brothers); Mrs G Beale (sister); Misses P Hilliar, C Hilliar; Messrs G Woolridge, L Woolridge, P Ridout (grandchildren); H Hilllar, Miss M Hilliar, Mrs S Collinson, Mrs M Bastable, Mrs A Laws, Mrs F Hilliar (nephews and nieces); Mrs R Hilliar, Mrs H Hilliar (sisters-in-law); Messrs C Ridout and H Mitchell, Mrs H Hilliar and Mrs C Hilliar (sons-in-law and daughters-in-law): and Mr T Hilliar. Among the many other friends present were Mesdames W Lane, L Pope, and S Williams, Misses N Pope, F Ricketts and L Pope, Mr and Mrs E G Trowbridge, Mr and Mrs H J Trowbridge, Mr G Sutton (also representing the Okeford United Football Club), Messrs R Rose, E T Allen, J Fox, H Miller, F Fox, F N Pope, J H Ridout, John Ridout, Walter Ricketts, J Spicer, John T Sticklen, and John Trowbridge. Mrs Anna Hilliar (wife) was unable to be present, and Messrs John Hilliar and Herbert Hilliar were prevented by sickness from attending.
The floral tributes included those from his sorrowing Wife; From all his children: Edith and Harold; All his grandchildren; Bro Robert and family Henry and Kate: His everloving sister Jane, and all at Castle Cottage; All at East Pennard Somerset; Francie, Arthur and May; Lindy and Flo; C and N Fripp; the Kiener family (Byfleet); H J and R Trowbridge; Jack and Agnes Pope; Algia and Lily: Mrs Graham, Mrs L Rose and Miss Wilkinson; Mrs W G Orchard; Mr and Mrs W Lane and family; L H Splcer (Coulsdon, Surrey); Mr and Mrs Bert Lemon and from Alice, U.S.A.; C and I Rose; Mr and Mrs S Williams; Mr and Mrs Walter Ricketts; Miss B Spicer; The Okeford United Football Club. For the many kindly messages of sympathy, and also the beautiful flowers, Mrs Tom Hilliar and family wish all friends to know how warmly both are appreciated.
The funeral arrangements were carried out under the personal direction of Mr A J Lemon Okeford Fitzpaine.

Tom Hilliar obituary
Western Gazette, page 2, Nov 20 1942

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