Kelly’s 1880

STURMINSTER NEWTON (CASTLE) is a market and union town, station on the Somerset and Dorset railway, parish and polling place for the county, in the petty sessional division, and hundred of the same name, Blandford county court district, diocese of Salisbury, archdeaconry of Dorset and rural deanery of Shaftesbury fourth portion, 108 miles from London, 10 north-west from Blandford, 12 west from Sherborne, 5 south-east from Stalbridge and 8 south-west from Shaftesbury, situated on the banks of the river Stour, which, flowing through the vale of Blackmoor, empties itself into the sea at Christchurch, in Hampshire. The church of St. Mary was in 1827 nearly rebuilt, and very considerably enlarged, at the sole expense of the Rev. T.H.L. Fox, the late vicar: it is in the Perpendicular style and consists of chancel and chancel aisles, nave, aisles and transept: the tower is part of the original building; its height was, however increased at the time of the repair of the church. The register dates from the year 1681. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of Lord Rivers; the tithes have been commuted for £775, with residence and 79 acres of glebe: the Rev. Richard Lowndes M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford, is vicar. The Primitive Methodists and the Wesleyans have each a chapel and Sunday schools: attached to the former a minister’s residence has been erected at a cost of £440. There are several charities: Williams’, derived from land in Haselbury Bryan, and paid in annuities to the poor of that parish, with those of Blandford and Shaftesbury; another, called Marsh’s, of £16 5s. yearly, partly applied to the apprenticing of a boy and girl and partly to poor attending parish church; Moore’s, of £9 12s. distributed in money; and another of £4, distributed in bread at Christmas; Hutchin’s, interest of £105 9s. 3d. stock, with 14 acres of land, producing about £14, laid out in coals yearly. On the Newton side of the river are the ruins of an old castle, supposed to have been erected by the Saxons: they consist of a keep, within a vallum and ditch, seated on a hill: the ground-plan was in the form of the letter D. A literary and scientific institution was established about 1845. There is a market every alternate Thursday, chiefly for cattle. The fairs are held on the 12th of May and 24th of October. Lord Rivers is lord of the manor and chief landowner. The soil is chiefly clay: subsoil is clay and gravel. The land is chiefly in pasture, with some barley and roots. The area of Sturminster Newton Castle is 4,240 acres; rateable value, £10,031; and the population in 1871 was 1,965.
NEWTON tithing is divided from Sturminster by the river Stour. BAGBER is a tithing 2 miles west, on the road to Sherborne.
Parish Clerk, Philip Adams.
POST, MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE & Government Insurance Office & Savings Bank. – Jesse Meader, sub-postmaster. Letters through Blandford.
Despatch Arrivals
West of England 6.10 a.m
London & all parts 9.30 a.m 7.0 a.m
Ditto 6.15 p.m 3.40 p.m
Bath & West of England 7.15 p.m
West of England 6.30 p.m
Wall Letter Box at Bagber cleared at 5.55 p.m
For Sturminster Newton Petty Sessional division.
Yeatman M.S. esq Glossop Lieut.-Col
Hanham Capt. R.N Guest Merthyr esq
Boucher Rev. H Yeatman Major H.F
Wolverton The Rt. Hon. Lord Ker Seymer E.C. esq
Williams M. esq Harvey R.B. esq
Bower H.S. esq Serrell D.H. esq
Clerk, R.S. Freame.
Petty Sessions are held at the Police Court every Monday & Thursday. The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Division : – Belchawell, Caundle Stourton, Child Okeford, Fifehead Magdalen, Fifehead Neville, Hammoon, Hanford, Hazelbury Bryan, Hinton St. Mary, Ibberton, Lydlinch, Manston, Marnhull, Okeford Fitzpaine, Shilling Okeford, Stalbridge, Stock Gaylard, Stoke Wake, Sturminster & Woolland.
Commercial Union, G.T. W. Robinson, Newton
Crown Life, G.S. Rake, The Bank
Imperial Fire, W.H. Marshallsay
Law Union, H.C. Dashwood
Liverpool & London & Globe, W. Creech
Norwich Union, C.S. Rose
Royal Exchange, H. Thorne
Scottish Widows’ Fund, H.S. Senior
Sceptre Life, T. Tucker, Station
Standard Life, W.H. Marshallsay, Dorchester bank
Sun Fire, G.S. Rake, Bank
West of England, H.C. Dashwood
Westminster Fire, W.C. Norman
Excise Office, Swan Inn
Police Station, William Grant, superintendent
Stamp Office, Jesse Meader, distributor & commissioner for receiving affidavits for exchanging spoiled stamps
Dorset (10th) Volunteers, Captain Dashwood
The union comprises the following parishes :- Belchawell, Caundle Stourton, Child Okeford, Fifehead Magdalen, Fifehead Neville, Hammoon, Haselbury Bryan, Hinton St. Mary, Ibberton, Lydlinch, Manston, Marnhull, Okeford Fitzpaine, Shillingstone, or Shilling Okeford, Stalbridge, Stock Gaylard, Stoke Wake, Sturminster Newton Castle & Woolland. The workhouse is situate here. The area of the union is 36,143 acre; rateable value, £73,619.
Board day, alternate Wednesdays.
Clerk, B. Cheesman, Sturminster Newton
Assistant Overseer, T. Potter, Sturminster Newton
Collectors, Registrars of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Relieving Officers, Vaccination Officers & School Attendance Officers, Stalbridge district, John Hunt, Stalbridge; Sturminster district, R.E. Holdway, Childe Okeford
Medical Officers, J. Tarzewell, Hinton St. Mary; J.C. Leach, Sturminster; R.G. Long, Stalbridge; D. Curme, Childe Okeford
Supt. Registrar, B. Cheesman, Sturminster Newton
Workhouse, George Keates, master; Rev. M.S. Laing, chaplain; J. Tarzewell, surgeon; Mrs. H. Keates, matron
Clerk, B. Cheesman, Sturminster
Medical Officer, J. Comyns Leech
Inspector of Nuisances, T. Taylor
Highway District Board, H.S. Bowyer, chairman; A.G. Creech, vice-chairman; H. Williams, treasurer; B. Cheesman, clerk; T. Taylor, surveyor
Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes, Clerk to Vale of Blackmoor Turnpike Trust & Secretary to Agricultural Society, H.C. Dashwood
National, Wm. J. Pinton, master; Miss Hine, mistress
National, Bagber (mixed), Mrs. Spinney, mistress
Wesleyan (mixed), Walter H. Wilkins, master
Bell Mrs
Cheesman Benjamin, Newton
Coate Tom, Newton house
Collins Mrs
Creech Arthur Gerrard, Newton
Creech Henry George
Creech William, Beech house
Dashwood Henry Charles
Dashwood Miss
Goodridge Miss
Groves L. Luckman
Guy Alexander, Newton
Hallett Robert
Knott Ambrose sen, Hamgate house
Leach John Comyns, The Lindens
Lowndes Rev. Richard M.A. (vicar)
Marshallsay William Hy. The Dorsetshire bank
Newman Richard
Norman Walter Charles
Read Mrs
Robinson George T.W. Newton
Tarzewell James
Watts Rev. Nathaniel (Primitive Methodist), Newton
Adams Charles Walter, carpenter
Andrews Eli, farmer, Bagber
Applin Thomas Edward, Common
Baker George, hair dresser
Ballantyne Thomas, draper
Barfoot Ann (Mrs.), linen draper
Barnett Edward William, tailor & draper
Barnett Thomas William, general & furnishing ironmonger & oil & colour warehouse
Beale William, shoeing smith, Newton
Bennett Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Puxey
Best John, tin plate worker
Brice Edward, veterinary surgeon
Bright Mary Ann (Mrs.), baker
Brook James, station master
Cake Charles, grocer, boot & shoe warehouse & earthenware dealer
Chapman Richard, White Hart inn & posting house & brewer
Cheesman Benjamin, accountant & superintendent registrar, clerk to Union & Rural Sanitary Authority
Cluett Carrie (Mrs.), dress maker
Cluett James, farmer, Bagber
Cluett John Major, farmer
Cluett William, dairyman & farmer, Bagber
Coate Tom, yeoman, Newton house
Coombes George, blacksmith, Bagber
Cowly Susanna (Miss), shopkeeper
Creech Henry George, auctioneer & estate agent, see Senior & Creech
Creech William, steward & agent to Lord Rivers, Beech house
Dashwood Henry Charles, solicitor & commisioner
Dawe Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Bagber
Dorchester Old Bank (branch of) R. & H. Williams & Co. (W. H. Marshallsay, manager); draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London E.C.
Dowding George, Bull Inn, Newton
Dowding Joseph, horse breaker, Newton
Drake John, farmer
Drake Brothers, boot & shoe makers
Drake Samuel, stationer
Duffett Edward, farmer
Duffett John, farmer, Common
Duffett Samuel, farmer
Duffett William, butcher, Newton
Fish George, brick maker, Bagber
Fish Joshua & Josiah, farmers, Bagber
Fish Josiah & Co. corn & cake merchants
Flavell George, M.R.C.V.S.L. veterinary surgeon
Foe Francis, sawyer, Newton
Fry John, saddler
Gould Willam, farmer, Haydon
Grant William, superintendent of police
Harris John, Swan commercial inn & posting house
Hawkins Thomas, linen draper & stationer
Higgins William, plumber & glazier
Hopkins Charles, mason, Bagber
Hutchings Charles, watch & clock maker
Inkpen Thomas, shopkeeper
Jackson Edward, grocer & druggist
James William, grocer
Jeffery George, farmer, Bagber
Knott Ambrose, farmer
Knott George, harness maker, Newton
Knott John, pig dealer, Common
Knott William, farmer
Lane William, chimney sweeper
Leach John Comyns, surgeon & medical officer to the Union & to the Rural Sanitary Authority, The Lindens
Lemon Henry, tailor
Lewis Henry, tailor & woollen draper
Light Louisa (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer
Lydford James, shoe maker
Meader Jesse, watch & clock maker, jeweller & silversmith
Melmoth Thomas, saddler
Moors William, commission agent
Morris William, confectioner
National Provincial Bank (branch of) (F. B. Cooke, manager); draw on Head Office, Bishopsgate st. London
Newman Daniel, farmer, Bagber
Newman Joseph, tailor
Newman Richard P. mason
Paviour Thomas Barter & Co. linen & woollen drapers & tailors
Phillips Edwin, farmer
Phillips Thomas Benjamin, plumber & glazier
Pitt Albert, smith, machinist & agricultural implement agent
Pitt Jane (Mrs.), refreshment rooms
Pollock Joseph Alexander, general draper & outfitter, & boot & shoe warehouse; & at Wincanton
Pope John, cooper
Porter James, marine store dealer
Potter Thomas, grocer & assistant overseer
Rabbetts Henry & George, farmers, Bagber
Rake Martin, grocer
Ralph Charles, farmer, Bagber
Ridout John, cheese merchant
Rose Charles, carpenter
Rose Charles, shopkeeper
Rose Charles Seymour, printer & stationer
Rose Daniel, baker
Rose Harry, farmer, Bagber
Rose James, farmer, Bagber
Rose James, tailor
Rose Job, farmer, Newton
Rose John, farmer
Rose Joseph, farmer, Newton
Rose Maria (Mrs.), Red Lion, Newton
Rose Matilda (Mrs.), miller, Newton
Rose Rosanna (Miss), baker
Rose Thomas, beer retailer
Rowland Elizabeth (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker
Rowland John, butcher
Rowland Matthew, pig dealer
Rowland Thomas, boot & shoe maker
Russell Hodder, baker, Common
Senior & Creech, auctioneers & estate agents. See advertisement
Sherring Richard, Rivers’ Arms
Short Charles, butcher
Short Elizabeth (Mrs.), butcher
Strange James & Son, grocer
Strange Frank, boot & shoe maker
Strange Joseph, farmer
Sturminster Gas & Coke Co. Limited (William H. Marshallsay, sec)
Sturminster Literary Institute (W. H. Marshallsay, sec)
Tarzewell James, surgeon & medical officer to the Union
Taylor Thomas, road surveyor & inspector of nuisances
Thorne Henry, auctioneer, appraiser, surveyor & commision agent, agent to the Allan Royal Mail Steam Packet Co
Topp John, grazier
Trowbridge Job, farmer, Common
Tucker Thomas, coal, cake & manure merchant
Tuffin Tom, Rose & Crown, Bagber
Westcott John, currier & farmer
White Henry William, beer retailer
Young Barbara & Mary (Misses), young ladies’ day & boarding school, Riverside villa. See advertisement
Young Ann (Mrs.), draper
Young Robert, tailor
Young William, shoe maker

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