Agnes Coombes, 1877-1902

Born: 1877; Bagber, Dorset (GRO)
Census: 1881: Puxey Common, Sturminster, Dorset
1891: Bagber, Sturminster, Dorset
Died: 1902; Hinton St Mary, Dorset (GRO)
Buried: 28 Jun 1902; Hinton St Mary, Dorset (DPR)

Father: George Coombes
Mother: Charlotte Mary Coombes
Siblings: Matilda Grace Coombes, George Coombes, Mary Ann Coombes, James Coombes, Jane Spicer, Annie Coombes, Charles Coombes, Walter Coombes, Alfred Coombes, Herbert Coombes, Archibald Coombes, Edgar Frederick Coombes, Harry Ralph Coombes, Lily Crocker, Albert B Coombes

Key: (39REG) = 1939 register of electors. (DPR) = Dorset parish registers. (GRO) = General Register Office birth, marriage and death indexes.

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