Elizabeth Topp, 1844-1911

Born: 1844; Belchalwell, Dorset
1851: Belchalwell, Dorset
1871: Sturminster Common, Sturminster, Dorset
1881: Sturminster Common, Sturminster, Dorset
1891: Rolls Mill, Sturminster, Dorset
1901: The Bridge, Sturminster Newton, Dorset
1911: Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Died: 1911; Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Father: John Topp
Mother: Eliza Topp

Married: Hiram Hodder Russell; 1863; Shaftesbury, Dorset

Children: Eliza Jane Russell, Edmund George Russell, Theophilus Henry Russell, Albert John RussellWikitree

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