Ann Green
Christened: 26 Apr 1789; Margaret Marsh, Dorset
Father: Robert Green
Mother: Esther Green

Bessy Martha Green
Born: 1861; Bagber, Dorset
Father: Thomas Green
Mother: Sarah Ann Green

Eliza Green
Born: ABT 1815; Turnworth, Dorset
Married: Joseph Green

Emily Green
Born: ABT 1844; Iwerne Minster, Dorset
Married: Joseph Spicer; 1875; Alverstoke, Hampshire
1881: 5 The Village, Alverstoke, Hampshire

Harriet Green
Born: 1808; Marnhull, Dorset
Christened: 28 AUG 1808; Marnhull, Dorset
Married: James Adams; 6 AUG 1850; Sturminster Newton, Dorset
1851: Hurdcos Lodge, Barford St Martin, Wiltshire
1861: Fry Cotton, High Street, Sturminster
1871: Market Place Woodbine Cottage, Sturminster, Dorset
1881: Youghs Close, Sturminster, Dorset
Died: 1882; Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Buried: 13 JUL 1882; Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Harry Green
Born: ABT 1789; Gillingham, Dorset

Hester Green
Christened: 02 Jan 1776; Margaret Marsh, Dorset
Father: Robert Green
Mother: Hester Green

James Green
Christened: 19 Jun 1791; Margaret Marsh, Dorset
Father: Robert Green
Mother: Esther Green

Joseph Green
Born: ABT 1807; West Stour, Dorset
Married: Eliza Green

Maria Green
Born: 1814; Rampisham, Dorset
Christened: 12 JUN 1814; Rampisham, Dorset
Married: Emmanuel Fudge; 28 JAN 1833; Sturminster Newton, Dorset
1841: The Common, Sturminster Newton Castle, Dorset
1851: Glue Hill, Sturminster, Dorset
1861: Gots Corner, Sturminster, Dorset
Died: 1870; Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Buried: 3 JAN 1871; Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Sarah Green
Born: ABT 1815; Stour Provost, Dorset
Married: James Hames; 15 JUL 1834; Stour Provost, Dorset
1841: Hinton St Mary, Dorset
1861: Shillingtone, Dorset

Sarah Ann Green
Maiden name: Tuffin
Born: 1841; Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Father: James Tuffin
Mother: Phebe Tuffin
Married: Thomas Green
1851: Glue Hill, Sturminster, Dorset

Thomas Green
Born: ABT 1837; Lydlinch, Dorset
Married: Sarah Ann Tuffin

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