1921 Sturminster census


Charles ShortHead, Single48y 2mFarm labourer, Mr H Hames, Hinton St MaryHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 3

White Lane
Walter RidoutHead, Married32y 1mPrivate service, Col W D Whatman, Beech HouseKatherine, SurreyRG15/10132 5
Kate RidoutWife, Married32y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 5

Union Workhouse
Frederick James CroftHead, Married43y 5mMaster of workhouse, Sturminster branch of guardiansHoneyborne, GloucestershireRG15/10132 7
Alma CroftWife, Married41y 6mMatron of workhouse, Sturminster branch of guardiansWitney, OxfordshireRG15/10132 7
Elizabeth Jane AndrewsOfficer, Single65Sick nurse, Sturminster branch of guardiansMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 7
Daisy Alma BurtOfficer, Single28y 5mSick nurse, Sturminster branch of guardiansShaftesbury, DorsetRG15/10132 7
Jean HooksOfficer, Single23y 4mSick nurse, Sturminster branch of guardiansMarkinch, FifeshireRG15/10132 7
Annie BrooksOfficer, Single51y 10mCook and assistant matron, Sturminster branch of guardiansBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 7
Eva EdmundsPatient, Single39y 2mIn the institution some years (disabled)Child Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 7
Sarah SimsPatient, Widowed66In the institution some years (disabled)Marnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 7
Clara HannamPatient, Single46In the institution some years (disabled)Fifehead Magdalen, DorsetRG15/10132 7
Agnes CombesPatient, Single57In the institution some years (disabled)Hazelbury Bryan, DorsetRG15/10132 7
Maud MossInmate, Single39y 6mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Annie WoodsInmate, Single40y 2mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledIwerne Courtney, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Emily ArnoldInmate, Single65Boarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Ellen SaundersInmate, Single56Boarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledSalisbury, WiltshireRG15/10132 9
Jane AplinInmate, Single50Boarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledWhitchurch, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Kate GaylorInmate, Single57Boarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledMilborne St Andrew, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Frances MeatyardInmate, Single61Boarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledStour Provost, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Frances DagmanInmate, Single49y 2mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledWinterbourne Houghton, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Mary LocockInmate, Widow78y 2mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Dorcas BattrickInmate, Widow80Boarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Elizabeth Ann BurtInmate, Widow88y 2mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledIwerne Courtney, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Ellen FianderInmate, Single51Boarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledTarrant Keynestone, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Emily SmithInmate, Single69y 7mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Sarah FootInmate, Widow91y 6mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 9
George Arthur SparksInmate, Single61y 4mBoarded here from the Blandford Union and all are totally disabledBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 9
Richard WetherhallInmate, Widower97All permanently disabled peopleNot knownRG15/10132 11
William ArnoldPatient, Single70All permanently disabled peopleNot knownRG15/10132 11
Charles BarnesPatient, Single73y 2mGeneral labourer, all permanently disabled peopleTarrant Monkton, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Aaron IngramInmate, Widower71Gardener, all permanently disabled peopleCranborne, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Thomas HousePatient, Widower82Farm labourer, all permanently disabled peopleAnstey, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Frederick PikeInmate, Single58General labourer, all permanently disabled peopleBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Tom HartPatient, Single66y 11mAll permanently disabled peopleHilton, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Harry DanielsInmate, Widower64y 1mHouse painter, all permanently disabled peopleBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Fanny ChurchillInmate, Widow75y 2mHome duties, all permanently disabled peopleWimborne, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Jane MaidmentPatient, Widow75y 4mHome duties, all permanently disabled peopleDurweston, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Tom WoolridgePatient, Married63General labourer, all permanently disabled peopleOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Thomas GallopInmate, Single64Farm labourer, all permanently disabled peopleCharlton Marshall, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Henry PaulInmate, Single74General labourer, all permanently disabled peopleTarrant Hinton, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Anthony SwyersPatient, Widower91Cowman retired, all permanently disabled peopleBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 11
Charles MorganPatient, Widower78Bricklayer retired, all permanently disabled peopleBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 11

Morley N DrakeHead, Married39y 9mLaw clerk, W H Creech solicitor, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 15
Ellen E DrakeWife, Married43y 9mHome dutiesCrewkerne, SomersetRG15/10132 15
Leonard N P DrakeSon11y 11mOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 15
Edith P DrakeDaughter10y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 15
Charles J DrakeSon9y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 15
Marie M N DrakeDaughter6y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 15
Edna V N DrakeDaughter6y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 15
Bettina M DrakeDaughter4y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 15

Job DrakeHead, Married59y 4mAssistant overseer, parish councilSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 17
Susannah DrakeWife, Married65y 6mHome dutiesHinton St George, SomersetRG15/10132 17
Ada SerleBoarder, Single33y 1mBank clerk, Nat West Bank, Sturminster NewtonTaunton, SomersetRG15/10132 17

Gilbert Furneaux PuckettHead, Married34y 5mOfficer HM Customs and ExciseBrixham, DevonRG15/10132 19
Ethel PuckettWife, Married41y 5mHome dutiesDerby, DerbyshireRG15/10132 19
Charles Horace PuckettSon7y 7mDewsbury, YorkshireRG15/10132 19
Margaret Ethel PuckettDaughter3y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 19

Bertie HanksHead, Married43y 6mWatchmaker and jeweller, shopkeeperCheltenham, GloucestershireRG15/10132 21
Kathleen May HanksWife, Married40y 1mHome dutiesMaidstone, KentRG15/10132 21
Anthony George HanksSon5y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 21

George Frank HazellHead, Married39y 9mSurveyor and inspector of nuisances, Sturminster rural district councilColchester, EssexRG15/10132 23
Clara Kate Flora HazellWife, Married34y 3mBournemouth, HampshireRG15/10132 23
Clarence George Francis HazellSon10y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 23

Jesse MeaderHead, Married67y 1/2mPostmaster retiredBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 25
Elizabeth Ann MeaderWife, Married65y 8mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 25
Edith HorrellNiece, Single39y 10mGuildford, SurreyRG15/10132 25

Alice Mary MarlenHead, Widow65y 6mHome dutiesSt Just, CornwallRG15/10132 27
Ethel Mary MarlenDaughter, Single38y 7mHome dutiesCheltenham, GloucestershireRG15/10132 27

Thomas Henry Evered Watts-SilvesterHead, Married48y 10mGeneral medical practitionerFrampton on Severn, GloucestershireRG15/10132 29
Florence Mary Watts-SilvesterWife, Married38y 8mHome dutiesIwerne Courtney, DorsetRG15/10132 29
Susie Kate ElkinsServant, Single19y 7mCookSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 29
Edith Lydia ElkinsServant, Single16y 11mHousemaidHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 29

Eliza Jane BealeHead, Widow59y 11mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 31
Leonard George BealeSon, Married31Grocer”s assistantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 31
Dorothy BealeDaughter, Single27y 10mMillinerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 31
Reginald James ClarkeSon-in-law, Married40y 8mAssistant schoolmasterPoole, DorsetRG15/10132 31
Annie Laura ClarkeDaughter, Married37y 11mAssistant schoolmistressSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 31

Henry BealeHead, Married54y 3mMaster farrierOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Alice Mary BealeWife, Married48y 11mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
May BealeDaughter, Single24y 11mSolicitor”s clerkSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Florence BealeDaughter, Single18y 8mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Marion BealeDaughter, Single17y 7mSolicitor”s clerkSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Vivian BealeDaughter, Single14y 8mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Harry BealeSon, Single13y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Nathalie BealeDaughter, Single10y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Maria BealeDaughter, Single8y 10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33
Maxwell BealeSon, Single6y 10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 33

Frances HardingHead, Widow70y 9mHousehold dutiesStickland, DorsetRG15/10132 37
Henry Barttett MudgeVisitor, Married58y 8mBuilder and decoratorIvybridge, DevonRG15/10132 37
Olive MudgeVisitor, Married57y 11mHousehold dutiesRingwood, HampshireRG15/10132 37

James CarpenterHead, Married69Baker and grocer retiredChobham, SurreyRG15/10132 39
Rose Anna CarpenterWife, Married82y 7mHenstridge, SomersetRG15/10132 39
Ada M McKayNiece, Single40y 9mHome dutiesGlasgowRG15/10132 39

Mary GeorgeHead, Single45y 8mCertificated elementary school teacherMelksham, WiltshireRG15/10132 41

Edward Short LemonHead, Married36y 2mGrocer, Strange and son, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 43
Thomas Richard Albert GandlertonBoarder, Single21y 7mBank clerk, Lloyds Bank, Sturminster NewtonBargoed, GlamorganRG15/10132 43

Charles Emsall OwenHead, Married37y 1mHeadmaster elementary school, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 45
Elsie OwenWife, Married32y 3mHome dutiesBristol, GloucestershireRG15/10132 45
Cyril Henry OwenSon, Single1y 8mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 45

Herbert John InkpenFather, Married41y 4mCarpenter, Otis RoseSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 47
Florence Ellen InkpenWife, Married42y 5mHome dutiesSemley, WiltshireRG15/10132 47
Gladys Audrey InkpenDaughter14y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 47
Douglas Nellie InkpenSon13y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 47
Donald James InkpenSon8y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 47
Joyce Eileen InkpenDaughter8y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 47

John David FryHead, Married48y 7mManager corn, seed and coal business, Webb Ltd BlandfordMartock, SomersetRG15/10132 49
Mildred Annie FryWife, Married40y 5mHome dutiesWells, SomersetRG15/10132 49
Helen Winifred FryDaughter, Single18y 0mStudent schoolteacher, County school Sturminster NewtonYetminster, DorsetRG15/10132 49
Maude Evelyn FryDaughter, Single15y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 49

Henry Richard ClibbettHead, Married58y 7mGrocerBristol, GloucestershireRG15/10132 51
Mary ClibbettWife, Married58y 10mHome dutiesBristol, GloucestershireRG15/10132 51
Lily ClibbettDaughter, Single30y 2mCrewkerne, SomersetRG15/10132 51

Harry SmithBoarder, Single44y 6mBank cashier, Lloyds Bank, Sturminster NewtonLangton Matravers, DorsetRG15/10132 53
Robert Horace SmithHead, Single34y 1mBank cashier, Lloyds Bank, Sturminster NewtonMere, WiltshireRG15/10132 53

John H WestHead, Married39y 8mGardener, Mr H S Senior, Sturminster NewtonBlackawton, DevonRG15/10132 55

Harry Samuel SeniorHead, Married72y 10mLand agent, surveyor and auctioneeerHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 57
Clara Jane SeniorWife, Married76y 11mHome dutiesIwerne Courtney, DorsetRG15/10132 57

Edwin G PittHead, Married63y 7mSmith and farmerHinsbridge, SomersetRG15/10132 59
Hannah M PittWife, Married59y 7mAssistant in dairySherborne, DorsetRG15/10132 59
E George PittSon, Single26y 6mProfessor of muicSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 59
Victor E PittSon, Single22y 8mAssisting father in general farm workSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 59
V A Irene PittDaughter, Single20y 5mElementary school teaching, Stalbridge, DorsetSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 59
Irving Owen PittSon, Single16y 11mConfirmed invalid, cannot workSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 59

Henry William MoorsHead, Married61Railway signalman, Sturminster NewtonMilton Abbas, DorsetRG15/10132 61
Harriett MoorsWife, Married66y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 61
Dorothy Grace MoorsDaughter, Single22y 10mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 61
Kate MaddocksVisitor daughter, Married27y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 61
Raymond Herbert MaddocksVisitor grandson6y 1mWimborne, DorsetRG15/10132 61
Kenneth J MaddocksVisitor grandson3y 5mWimborne, DorsetRG15/10132 61
Claude Richard PlaistoweGrandson, Single16General farm work, Tom Knott, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 61

William Henry OwenHead, Married68y 3mRailway station master, Sturminster NewtonHawestshaw, New York, USARG15/10132 63
Fanny OwenWife, Married58y 2mHome dutiesBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 63

Maurice N J DayHead, Married28y 8mPolice constable, Sturminster NewtonBirdham, SussexRG15/10132 65
Olive E M DayWife, Married22y 5mHome dutiesWareham, DorsetRG15/10132 65
Louisa DayMother, Widow55y 2mWest Chiltington, SussexRG15/10132 65

Joseph OsborneHead, Married30y 9mPolice constable, Sturminster NewtonWeymouth, DorsetRG15/10132 67
Nellie Florence OsborneWife, Married27y 3mHousehold dutiesMoordown, Bournemouth, HampshireRG15/10132 67
Ernest George OsborneSon3y 5mDorchester, DorsetRG15/10132 67
Margaret Nellie OsborneDaughter1y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 67

Beatrice WhiteHead, Married43y 5mHome dutiesCastle Cary, SomersetRG15/10132 69
Dorothy PayneVisitor, Single15y 4mBournemouth, HampshireRG15/10132 69

Gertrude BrooksHead, Single48y 7mDraper, Market Place, Sturminster NewtonBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 71

William Edward PerryHead, Married26y 1mPost office sorting clerk and telegraphistWyke Regis, DorsetRG15/10132 73
Eva Annie PerryWife, Married32y 6mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 73

Walter TurkHead, Married23y 2mChauffeur, H S Senior, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 75
Evelyn TurkWife, Married23y 9mHome dutiesHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 75

Frederick E PhillipsHead, Single43y 5mOdd job manSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 77

William SealHead, Widower75y 1mBeaminster, Dorset, DorsetRG15/10132 79

Frank PainterHead, Married45y 6mGrocer”s delivery, Strange and sons, Sturminster NewtonBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 81
Eliza PainterWife, Married49y 1mHome dutiesBeaminster, DorsetRG15/10132 81
Ellen PainterDaughter, Single18y 7mDomestic servantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 81
Norah PainterDaughter13y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 81
Eva PainterDaughter11y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 81
Fred PainterSon9y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 81
Phillis PainterDaughter6y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 81
Elizabeth PainterDaughter4y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 81
George PainterSon, Single15y 8mPorter, Westcott cabinet maker, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 81

Frank AmosHead, Married56y 1mMarine store dealerFarnham, SurreyRG15/10132 83
Florence AmosWife, Married34y 2mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 83
Alice TrentBoarder, Single26Charwoman, Mrs H Knott, Sturminster NewtonPortland, DorsetRG15/10132 83
Montague TrentBoarder, Mother dead3y 11mDorchester, DorsetRG15/10132 83
Wilfred TrentBoarder, Mother dead2y 9mWareham, DorsetRG15/10132 83
Maurice MeadenBoarder, Mother dead9y 4mPoole, DorsetRG15/10132 83
Raymond DuffettBoarder, Mother dead4y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 83

Martha SymesHead, Widow64y 6mHome dutiesMilton Abbas, DorsetRG15/10132 85
Allan SymesSon, Single21y 6mFarm worker, Edwin Pitt, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 85
Ivor SymesSon, Single19y 3mFarm worker, H S Senior, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 85
Dorothy SymesGranddaughter, Single16Servant, Mrs Allner Banks, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 85
Arthur YoungGrandson, Orphan11y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 85
Harold HuntBoarder, Single19y 10mStorekeeper, Mr R Cressy, Skin dealer, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 85

Cicley KingHead, Widow54y 9mCharwoman, White Hart Hotel, Sturminster NewtonDonhead St Andrew, WiltshireRG15/10132 87
William HanfordBrother, Married62y 3mDonhead St Andrew, WiltshireRG15/10132 87
Caroline HanfordSister-in-law, Married52y 9mCharwoman, White Hart Hotel, Sturminster NewtonWeymouth, DorsetRG15/10132 87

Jose HorderHead, Married47y 7mPlasterer, Cowley builders, Sturminster NewtonMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 89
Alice Mary HorderWife, Married43y 6mHome dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 89
Eva Leonora HorderDaughter, Single24y 3mUnemployedMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 89
Ivy Ann HorderDaughter14y 8mGeneral servantStratford, LondonRG15/10132 89
Wilfred John HorderSon12y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 89
Arthur Herbert HorderSon10y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 89

Joseph MarshHead, Married34y 8mRailway porter, Somerset and Dorset Joint RailwaySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 91
Mary Elsie MarshWife, Married34y 10mHome dutiesShillingstone, DorsetRG15/10132 91
Robert Henry MarshSon2y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 91
Walter George HartBoarder, Single29y 3mBlacksmith, JE Beale, Bath Road, Sturminster NewtonShillingstone, DorsetRG15/10132 91

Tom CooperHead, Married54y 3mPostmanBridport, DorsetRG15/10132 93
Annie CooperWife, Married60y 3mHousehold dutiesBridport, DorsetRG15/10132 93
Elsie Norah WattsAdopted daughter, Single23y 6mDressmakerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 93

Amelia Alice ShortHead, Widow56y 10mHome dutiesStourpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 95
Elizabeth EdmondsMother, Single87y 8mOld age pensionerChild Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 95

Stephen MatchamHead, Married50y 4mLorry driver, Sturminster Famers LtdLong Crichel, DorsetRG15/10132 97
Mary Jane MatchamWife, Married46y 2mHome dutiesCerne Abbas, DorsetRG15/10132 97
Kathleen Alice Mary MatchamDaughter, Single18y 3mDressmakerHolt, DorsetRG15/10132 97
Olive Honor Rose MatchamDaughter9y 5mStock Gaylard, DorsetRG15/10132 97
Bertha Muriel MatchamDaughter7y 9mStock Gaylard, DorsetRG15/10132 97

William Charles PorterHead, Married31Grist miller, Blandford and Webb corn and seed merchantsSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 99
Agnes Amelia PorterWife, Married26y 8mHome dutiesRonnda Valley, WalesRG15/10132 99
Leslie Charles PorterSon2y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 99
Nancy Madaline PorterDaughter1y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 99

Edward ForseHead, Married45y 3mTailor, H Teed and Sons, Sturminster NewtonYetminster, DorsetRG15/10132 101
Nellie ForseWife, Married40y 5mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 101

Sidney AdamsHead, Married46y 4mCarpenter, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 103
Frances AdamsWife, Married43y 1mHome dutiesCleobury Mortimer, ShropshireRG15/10132 103
Joan Kathleen AdamsDaughter6Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 103
Charles John AdamsSon4y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 103
Arthur Spring ElsworthBoarder, Widower75y 4mRetiredHazelbury Bryan, DorsetRG15/10132 103
Richard TapperBoarder, Single26y 1mGardener, Mr B J Hollick, Sturminster NewtonBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 103

Elias HaywardHead, Married46y 4mPostmaster, retiredStourpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 105
Susana HaywardWife, Married43y 1mHome dutiesDurweston, DorsetRG15/10132 105
John HaywardSon, Single25y 3mFarm labourer, out of workBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 105

Richard LydfordHead, Married35y 3mRural postman, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 107
Lilian LydfordWife, Married27Home dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 107

William WareHead, Married31y 9mPlatelayer, Somerset and Dorset Railway, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 109
Mabel WareWife, Married34y 3mHome dutiesPylle, SomersetRG15/10132 109

Charles Hulbert ChambersHead, Widowed55y 10mPharmacist, Sturminster NewtonChard, SomersetRG15/10132 111
Annie Beatrice PotterSister-in-law, Widowed63y 9mHome dutiesTaunton, SomersetRG15/10132 111
Clara BabbSister-in-law, Spinster67y 2mTaunton, SomersetRG15/10132 111

Rose RidoutServant, Single30y 2mGeneral domestic servantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 113

William GoldieHead, Married68y 4mRetired farmerSherborne, DorsetRG15/10132 115
Mary Ann GoldieWife, Married70y 5mHome dutiesHenstridge, SomersetRG15/10132 115
Sophia BorsmanServant, Single32y 2mGeneral domestic servantThornaby, YorkshireRG15/10132 115

William PontingHead, Married68y 4mRetired bank accountantCollingbourne, WiltshireRG15/10132 117
Mary Foot PontingWife, Married70y 5mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 117
Anna Charlotte Mary HallettNiece, Single32y 2mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 117

Frederick William PridayHead, Married51y 8mAuctioneer and valuer, Senior Godwin Auctioneers, Sturminster NewtonHighleadon, GloucestershireRG15/10132 119
Fannie PridayWife, Married44y 11mHome dutiesKeele, StaffordshireRG15/10132 119

Bernard Septimus HollickHead, Married42y 6mPhysician surgeonFoleshill, WarwickshireRG15/10132 121
Dorothy Beatrice Frances HollickWife, Married43y 7mRadford, WarwickshireRG15/10132 121
Richard Francis HollickSon3y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 121
Mary Eliza StaceyServant, Single36y 7mCookPowerstock, CornwallRG15/10132 121
Dorothy May YeatmanServant, Single26y 10mHousemaidMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 121
Edna May BishopServant, Single21y 4mNursemaidShepton Mallett, SomersetRG15/10132 121
Freda Mary FrancisServant, Single15y 4mHousemaid, DorsetRG15/10132 121

William Harry CreechHead, Married49y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 123
Madeline Emily CreechWife, Married50y 10mJersey, Channel IslandsRG15/10132 123
Zoe Louise CreechDaughter, Single17y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 123

Edward Cecil IngramHead, Married35y 8mShroton, DorsetRG15/10132 125
Gladys Emily IngramWife, Married34y 9mBournemouth, HampshireRG15/10132 125
Mary Edwina IngramDaughter7y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 125
Christine Pamela IngramDaughter2y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 125
Olive Ellen ChaffeyServant, Single26y 6mAnsty, DorsetRG15/10132 125

Harry Percy HusseyHead, Married35y 7mPostman, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 127
Maggie Susan HusseyWife, Married34y 6mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 127
Katherine HusseyDaughter8y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 127
Harry HusseySon7y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 127
Joe PennyNephew, Brother dead3y 7mTuam, IrelandRG15/10132 127

Francis Frederic LangleyHead, Married35y 2mGeneral labourer, out of workIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 129
Sarah LangleyWife, Married37y 9mManageress of gloving branch, Dent Alcroft & Co, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 129
Frederic Arthur LangleySon7y 1mWest Tytherley, HampshireRG15/10132 129

Frank WittHead, Married34Butcher, J Hiller, Sturminster NewtonFordingbridge, HampshireRG15/10132 131
Ada A WittWife, Married36y 6mHome dutiesWeymouth, DorsetRG15/10132 131
Olive H WittDaughter7y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 131
Francis J WittSonunder 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 131
Mary M ButlerMother, Widowed64y 3mWeymouth, DorsetRG15/10132 131

Mary RoseHead, Widowed64y 3mFurniture shopkeeper (retired)Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 133
Maggie RoseDaughter, Single26y 6mElementary schoolmistress, C E Girls School, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 133

Edward Casper CosgroveBoarder, Single23y 7mBank clerk, Lloyds Bank, Sturminster NewtonWhitehaven, CumberlandRG15/10132 135

Emma KnottWidow74y 1mDressmakerStickland, DorsetRG15/10132 137

Harry R ChapmanHead, Married57y 2mInnkeeperLydlinch, DorsetRG15/10132 139
Lucy M ChapmanWife, Married63y 6mHome dutiesHyde Park, LondonRG15/10132 139
Dorothy A L ChapmanDaughter, Single20y 6mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 139
William BurroughBoarder, Married29y 5mPolice sergeantStapleford, WiltshireRG15/10132 139

George AllnerHead, Married61y 11mBank manager, National Provinicial Bank, Sturminster and StalbridgeOwermoigne, DorsetRG15/10132 141
Harriot Jane AllnerWife, Married64y 6mBere Regis, DorsetRG15/10132 141

John RoseHead, Married67y 2mTailor and outfitterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 143
Charlotte New RoseWife, Married68y 11mHome dutiesFarnham, DorsetRG15/10132 143
Walter James RoseSon, Single40y 1mTailorSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 143
Khesa RoseSon, Single31y 7mTailorSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 143

Alfred PopeHead, Married75y 10mBoot and shoe repairerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 145
Mary PopeWife, Married73y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 145

Archie Fred HusseyHead, Married34y 1mCarpenter and joiner, G A Rose, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 147
Margaret Louise HusseyWife, Married41y 5mHome dutiesOtley, YorkshireRG15/10132 147
Ralph Archie HusseySon1y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 147

John RoseHead, Married34y 3mPostmanSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 149
Nellie Ann RoseWife, Married29y 6mHome dutiesEastleigh, HampshireRG15/10132 149
Hilda May RoseDaughter3y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 149

Tom James Rose InkpenHead, Widower55y 11mBaker and confectionerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Cecil John InkpenSon, Single22y 7mBooking clerk, Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Rosina Mary InkpenDaughter, Single21y 4mLaw clerk, W H Creech solicitors, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Albert James InkpenSon, Single20y 1mBaker”s assistantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Doris Irene InkpenDaughter, Single18y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Leonard Tom InkpenSon, Single16y 11mMotor engineer, Sturminster Newton Motor and Engineering WorksSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Reginald Stephen InkpenSon, Single15Assists fatherSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Phyllis May InkpenDaughter, Mother dead13y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Leslie Harry InkpenSon, Mother dead11y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Frederick Charles InkpenSon, Mother dead9y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 151
Violet Mabel InkpenDaughter, Mother dead7y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 153

John PopeHead, Married34y 3mRural postmanSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Mary A PopeWife, Married29y 6mHome dutiesStalbridge, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Elizabeth O PopeDaughter, Single3y 2mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Arthur R PopeSon, Single16y 11mRailway clerk, Somerset and Dorset Joint RailwaySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Ada L PopeDaughter, Single3y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Philip C PopeSon16y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Louisa M PopeDaughter3y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Frederick A PopeSon16y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155
Gladys M PopeDaughter3y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 155

Arthur William Herbert CreechHead, Married53y 7mLocal government official and superintendent registrar, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 157
Mildred Ann Cobb CreechDaughter, Single17y 9mHome dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 157

Charles CoombesHead, Married72y 2mBootmaker retiredBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 159
Mary Jane CoombesWife, Married72Home dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 159

Harry Charles LemonHead, Married42y 1mBoot and shoe warehousemanSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 161
Kate LemonWife, Married47y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 161
Geoffrey H B LemonSon7y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 161

Mary YoungHead, Widow87y 9mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 163
Elizabeth Jane RoseVisitor, Single61y 7mCaretaker of schools, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 163

Adrian Wilson RoseHead, Married42y 1mPrinterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 165
Lilian Fanny RoseWife, Married37y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 165
Stanley Seymour RoseSon5y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 165
Olive Francis RoseNiece, Single16y 8mHelps at home dutiesSouthampton, HampshireRG15/10132 165

William WaltersHead, Married57y 7mGas manager, Devon Gas, Sturminster NewtonBrimfield, HerefordshireRG15/10132 167
Elizabeth Ann WaltersWife, Married50y 1mHome dutiesManchester, LancashireRG15/10132 167
Alice May WaltersDaughter, Single22y 7mWard maid, Sturminster UnionYstrad, Rhonda ValleyRG15/10132 167
Florence Ivy WaltersDaughter, Single17y 8mServant, Mumford Francis, Sturminster NewtonClehonger, HerefordshireRG15/10132 167
Randolf Cecil Ray WaltersSon10y 11mCharlton, GloucestershireRG15/10132 167
Leonard Percy Glen WaltersSon7y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 167

Henry LemonMarried, Married66y 9mOutfitterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 169
Ruby G P SwanboroughHousemaid, Single13y 1mMere, WiltshireRG15/10132 169

Charlotte DouchHead, Widow56y 4mLetter of roomsSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 171
Nancy Maud DouchGranddaughter9y 3mHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 171

Henry Blachley TurnerHead, Single51y 5mBank accountant, National Provinicial Bank, Sturminster NewtonKansas City, United StatesRG15/10132 173

William Douglas WhatmanHead, Married60y 9mCoplonel in army retiredMiddlesex, LondonRG15/10132 175
Anna Mildred WhatmanWife, Married53y 8mRoyal Red Cross and War PensionsOld Catton, NorfolkRG15/10132 175
Louisa ShortServant, Single24Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 175
Ethel May CourageServant, Single21y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 175
Jane Elizabeth StaceyServant, Single23y 9mWroughton, WiltshireRG15/10132 175
Mabel PrillServant, Single15y 10mMere, WiltshireRG15/10132 175

Henry TeedHead, Widower66y 7mTailor and outfitter, Sturminster NewtonColaton Raleigh, DevonRG15/10132 177
Claude Sellek TeedSon, Single31y 11mTailorSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 177
Ivor Henry TeedSon, Single30y 2mTailorSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 177
Blanche WheatonSpinster, Single50HousekeeperColaton Raleigh, DevonRG15/10132 177

Harry DawesHead, Married30y 6mPost office clerk, Sturminster NewtonHambledon, HampshireRG15/10132 179
Freda Bessie DawesWife, Married31y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 179
Harry Louis DawesSon5y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 179

Clement Smart BlandfordHead, Married59y 4mBank manager, Lloyds Bank, Sturminster NewtonYatton, SomersetRG15/10132 181
Florence BlandfordWife, Married51y 4mHome dutiesBridgewater, SomersetRG15/10132 181
Joan BlandfordDaughter, Single20y 8mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 181
Marjorie Davenporl BealeVisitor, Single24y 10mHome dutiesBournemouth, HampshireRG15/10132 181
Rose Rebecca ElsworthServant, Single24y 8mCookKings Stagg, DorsetRG15/10132 181
Octavia Lily Kate ElsworthServant, Single20y 6mHousemaidHazelbury Bryan, DorsetRG15/10132 181

Frank MumfordHead, Married41y 8mUnregistered veterinary practionerCardiff, GlamorganRG15/10132 183
Georgina Elizabeth MumfordWife, Married39y 5mHome dutiesCardiff, GlamorganRG15/10132 183
Richard MumfordSon9Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 183

Charles Henry StoneHead, Married42y 1mDraperBromsgrove, WorcestershireRG15/10132 185
Lydia Mary StoneWife, Married36y 6mDraper”s assistantOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 185
Evelyn Betty StoneDaughter7y 1mShillingstone, DorsetRG15/10132 185
Sylvia Maria StoneDaughter10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 185

Arthur Robert HallettHead, Widower55y 11mWatch and clock makerMarylebone, LondonRG15/10132 187
Arthur Cyril HallettSon, Single24y 4mWatch and clock makerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 187
Eva TrowbridgeHousekeeper, Single24y 6mHousekeeperSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 187

William James SladeHead, Married50y 9mHairdresser and tobacconiatBombay, IndiaRG15/10132 189
Martha SladeWife, Married52y 9mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 189

Albert HarveyHead, Single39y 4mMotor car proprietorChilde Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 191
Dinah HarveyMother, Widow68y 3mHome dutiesChilde Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 191

James John StrangeHead, Married69y 5mGrocer wine and sht merchantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 193
Henrihetta StrangeWife, Married61y 3mHome dutiesLondonRG15/10132 193
Jim Whitfield StrangeSon, Single32y 5mGrocer wine and sht merchantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 193

John KnottHead, Married62y 11mSmall holderSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 195
Sarah KnottWife, Married61y 5mHome dutiesHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 195
Cecil Victor KnottSon, Single20y 5mClerk, Sturminster Newton and Dist FarmersSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 195
Ivor James KnottSon, Single18y 1mAssisting father in general farm workSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 195
Albert KnottSon14y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 195

William George ShawHead, Married69y 11mButcherDorsetRG15/10132 197
Sarah Eliza ShawWife, Married70Home dutiesDorsetRG15/10132 197
Florence Kate ShawDaughter, Single41y 5mHome dutiesDorsetRG15/10132 197
Amy CheesewrightBoarder, Single67y 10mDorsetRG15/10132 197
Emily Prideaux SaundersBoarder, Single94y 3mSomersetRG15/10132 197

Henry Hancock BarnettHead, Married66Tailor and outfitterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 199
Bessie BarnettWife, Married55y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 199
Gladys Bessie BarnettDaughter, Single29Post office clerk, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 199
Phyllis Marion BarnettDaughter, Single19y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 199
Lilian Jessie PainterServant, Single20y 5mGeneral domestic servantLydlinch, DorsetRG15/10132 199

Harriett WhiteHead, Single62Beer retailerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 201
Mary NorthoverSleeping companion, Single27Engaged mill factory, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 201

Walter Henry CrockerHead, Married36y 11mLicenced hotel proprietorWinchester, HampshireRG15/10132 203
Eva CrockerWife, Married36y 4mHouse dutiesSherborne, DorsetRG15/10132 203
Kenneth George CrockerSon7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 203
Hilda Maud ParkerVisitor, Single17y 8mHouse dutiesSherborne, DorsetRG15/10132 203
Rose JayServant, Single18y 5mGeneral domestic servantMilkwell, WiltshireRG15/10132 203

Harry Reginald CresseyHead, Single31y 6mHide, skin, leather goods dealer, antiques dealerOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 205
Rachel CresseyMother, Widowed59y 6mHome dutiesBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 205

Emma Louisa CollinsHead, Widow62y 5mHome dutiesShaftesbury, DorsetRG15/10132 207
Harvey CollinsSon, Single28y 6mCabinet maker, William Westcott, Sturminste NewtonSwanage, DorsetRG15/10132 207

Charles CrewHead, Married46y 8mButcher, Sturminster NewtonStalbridge, DorsetRG15/10132 209
Sarah Ann CrewWife, Married50y 2mHousehold dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 209
Flora Mary CrewDaughter, Single19y 7mHousehold dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 209
Helena Maud CrewDaughter, Single16y 6mHousehold dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 209
Albert James CrewSon13y 4mAt schoolSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 209
William Seymour CrewSon11y 7mAt schoolSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 209

Frederick George MooreHead, Married41y 11mGeneral draperTaunton, SomersetRG15/10132 211
Emily Hannah MooreWife, Married41MillinerTaunton, SomersetRG15/10132 211
Harry MooreSon14y 11mApprentice general draperyCardiff, GlamorganRG15/10132 211
Margaret Beryl MooreDaughter1y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 211
Anna Maria MooreMother, Married76y 5mTiverton, DevonRG15/10132 211
Annie FudgeServant, Single30y 3mDomestic servantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 211

Henry James NorthoverHead, Married35y 2mPlate layerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 213
Bessie Eliza NorthoverWife, Married36y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 213

Ellen CluettHead, Single63ConfectionerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 215
Walter CluettSon, Married30y 1mConfectionerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 215
Nellie CluettWife, Married30y 7mHome dutiesHandsworth, BirminghamRG15/10132 215

Thomas William BarnettHead, Widower68y 7mIronmonger and hardware dealerSouth Newton, WiltshireRG15/10132 217
Arthur Howard BarnettSon, Married37y 11mIronmonger and hardware dealerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 217
Winifred Mabel BarnettDaughter-in-law, Married34y 3mDomestic dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 217
Leslie Raymond BarnettGrandson7y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 217
Cynthia Mary BarnettGranddaughter2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 217
Sarah Ann CakeBoarder, Widow76y 4mStickland, DorsetRG15/10132 217
Bessie Kate DaweServant, Single30y 6mDomestic serviceMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 217

Francis George RogersHead, Married36y 8mGrocer and bakerBagshot, SurreyRG15/10132 219
Randolph RogersBrother, Married34y 6mGrocer and bakerBagshot, SurreyRG15/10132 219
Elsie May RogersSister-in-law, Married30y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 219
Raymond Andrew RogersSon4y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 219
Richard Edwin RogersNephew5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 219
Jessie Eliza RogersWife, Married30y 5mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 219

George Henry CandyHead, Married46y 4mBoot maker, Palmer, Sturminster NewtonIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 221
Edith CandyWife, Married46y 5mHome dutiesPenzance, CornwallRG15/10132 221
Mervyn George CandySon, Single18y 8mLedger clerk, Sturminster Newton and District FarmersIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 221

Stephen GouldHead, Widower55y 4mBranch manager, Minister of LabourSherborne, DorsetRG15/10132 223
David John GouldSon, Mother deceased14y 9mChester, CheshireRG15/10132 223
Mary Jane GouldSister, Single58Housekeeper, home dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 223

Tom GouldHead, Single53y 3mBoot makerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 225

Francis Jabez CluettHead, Married49y 3mSaddler and harness makerBagber, Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 227
Kate Mary CluettWife, Married46y 3mHome dutiesRingsfield, SuffolkRG15/10132 227

Frederick Tom RowlandHead, Married34y 4mAuctioneer and valuerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 229
Halsey Lambourne RowlandWife, Married33y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 229
Rex Wilkins RowlandSon10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 229

Renaldo CrewHead, Married38y 11mFruiterer and fishmongerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 231
Lucy CrewWife, Married40y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 231
Cecil CrewSon8y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 231
Dorothy CrewDaughter6y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 231
Harry CrewSon4y 12mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 231

William GentleHead, Married68y 9mTailor, MR H H Barnett, Sturminster NewtonBaldock, HertfordshireRG15/10132 233
Anna Louisa GentleWife, Married57y 1mHousehold dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 233
Albert GentleVisitor, Single41y 7mGrocer, Mr Carter, Newcastle on TyneSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 233
Sarah MerrittVisitor, Married63y 9mHousehold dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 233

Henry George BracherHead, Married60Basket makerMotcombe, DorsetRG15/10132 235
Lydia BracherWife, Married59y 3mHome dutiesOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 235
Bernard George BracherSon, Single26y 2mArmy pensionerBelchalwell, DorsetRG15/10132 235

Annetta E StrangeHead, Single47y 5mHome dutiesPrato, ItalyRG15/10132 237
Frederick WorsfoldBoarder, Single17y 6mBank clerk apprentice, National Provincial and Union Bank, Struminster NewtonMiddlesex, LondonRG15/10132 237

Albert William NuthHead, Married67y 1mButcher, Mr MillerKilmersdon, SomersetRG15/10132 239
Jessie NuthWife, Married56y 9mHousehold dutiesBodmin, CornwallRG15/10132 239
Fred PotterLodger, Single50y 3mTailor, Mr Teed and Sons, Sturminster NewtonDevonport, DevonRG15/10132 239

Ernest Frank SmithHead, Married37y 5mBoot and shoe repairer, H C Lemon, Bridge StSalisbury, WiltshireRG15/10132 241
Gladys May SmithWife, Married35y 1mHome dutiesSalisbury, WiltshireRG15/10132 241
Ivy May LaneBoarder, Single23y 8mClerk, National Provincial and Union Bank, Struminster NewtonLillington, DorsetRG15/10132 241

William WestcottHead, Married61y 10mCabinet maker and upholstererSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 243
Elizabeth Minnie WestcottWife, Married54y 8mHome dutiesBedchester, DorsetRG15/10132 243
Hugh WestcottSon, Single25y 4mSecond mate mecantile marine, out of workSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 243

Florence HartHead, Single36y 10mSick nurseCity of LondonRG15/10132 245
Ann HoodNurse, Widow57y 9mMidwifeTodmorden, LancashireRG15/10132 245
May AllenServant, Single18y 6mDomestic serviceBelchalwell, DorsetRG15/10132 245
Doris RossServant, Single14y 7mDomestic serviceLlanelly, WalesRG15/10132 245
Bessie HillierPatient, Married32y 11mHome dutiesBagber, DorsetRG15/10132 245
Male infant HillierPatientunder 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 245
Albert George ShortPatient, Single31y 4mAssisting father in farm work, Edwin Short, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 245
Ernest MillsPatient, Single30Farmer, Fifehead NevilleBelchalwell, DorsetRG15/10132 245

Albert CrewHead, Married80y 10mButcher retiredStour Row, DorsetRG15/10132 247
Ellen CrewWife, Married74y 3mHome dutiesLydlinch, DorsetRG15/10132 247

John Anderson EarleHead, Married42y 1mGarage manager, Sturminster Newton motor worksWeston super Mare, SomersetRG15/10132 251
Dorothy Gladys EarleWife, Married29y 11mLulie Rich, WiltshireRG15/10132 251
Adelaide Matilda GaralyVisitor, Widow63y 9mBattersea, LondonRG15/10132 251

Jessie TurkHead, Married58LaundressSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 253
Love TurkSister, Single55y 3mLaundressSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 253

R FudgeHead, Married29y 2mStoreman in grocery trader, Strange and Son, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 255
H FudgeWife, Married21y 6mHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 255

Eliza Jane ToppHead, Widowed66y 11mHome dutiesWareham, DorsetRG15/10132 257
Thomas StevensBoarder, Single50y 8mGrocer”s porter, W Clibbem, Sturminster NewtonShaston, DorsetRG15/10132 257

George PopeHead, Married38y 11mHarness makerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 259
Amy Elizabeth PopeWife, Married36y 10mHome dutiesWellow, SomersetRG15/10132 259
Esme Sylvia PopeDaughter7y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 259
Dulcie Eileen PopeDaughter5y 9mBishopstoke, HampshireRG15/10132 259

Fredrick MatthewsHead, Married36y 8mMarine store and fish dealerColchester, EssexRG15/10132 261
Lottie Blanche MatthewsWife, Married30y 3mCar driverFerndown, DorsetRG15/10132 261
Ivy Blanche MatthewsDaughter11y 6mLayer De Lay Haye, Colchester, EssexRG15/10132 261
Ernest MatthewsSon9y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 261

Henry HouseHead, Married54y 2mFarm labourer, Mr SeniorSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 263
Kate HouseWife, Married49y 8mHome dutiesAlhens, IrelandRG15/10132 263
Harry J HouseSon, Single23y 0mTailor, Mr BarnettSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 263
Thomas G HouseSon, Single17y 1mGrocer”s asssitant, C W J stores, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 263
Olive K HouseGranddaughter1y 4mBristol, GloucestershireRG15/10132 263

Herbert Percy ClarkeHead, Married57y 11mChecker, SDJ Railway, Sturminster NewtonPoole, DorsetRG15/10132 265
Matilda Kate ClarkeWife, Married55y 9mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 265
Dorothy Mary ClarkeSon, Single20y 8mDomestic servantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 265
Arthur Hector ClarkeDaughter, Single18y 0mLorry driver”s assistantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 265

Algernon WardHead, Married52y 3mVicar of Sturminster NewtonMilverton, WarwickshireRG15/10132 267
Elizabeth Mary WardWife, Married54y 5mHome dutiesCoventry, WarwickshireRG15/10132 267
Ellen Henville ArnoldServant , Single37y 3mParlourmaidWinterborne Kingston, DorsetRG15/10132 267
Emily Kate CainesServant , Single26y 10mCookOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 267
Gertrude Bessie Alexandra CherrettServant , Single18y 9mHousemaidEnsbury Park, DorsetRG15/10132 267

Arthur RoseHead, Married54y 2mRegistrar births and deaths, Sturminster board of guardiansSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 269
Emma Boulter RoseWife, Married54y 5mHome dutiesFulham, London, MiddlesexRG15/10132 269

Fred Parsons WillsHead, Married46y 6mPostman, Post Office, Sturminster NewtonDorchester, DorsetRG15/10132 271
Emily Annie WillsWife, Married43y 11mHome dutiesChesilborne, DorsetRG15/10132 271
Charles Fred WillsSon, Single15y 5mApprentice, J Strange and Sons, Sturminster NewtonDorchester, DorsetRG15/10132 271
Bertram Robert WillsSon12y 11mDorchester, DorsetRG15/10132 271
Reginald George WillsSon11y 8mDorchester, DorsetRG15/10132 271
Nellie Annie WillsDaughter, Single15y 5mNot occupiedDorchester, DorsetRG15/10132 271

Henry MarshHead, Married54y 11mChimney cleanerSherborne, DorsetRG15/10132 273
Florence MarshWife, Married47y 5mHome dutiesAndover, HampshireRG15/10132 273
Edward B MarshSon, Single26y 4mClerk, Sturminster Newton and District Farmers LtdSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 273
Dorothy M MarshDaughter, Single24y 7mDraper”s assistant, S G Moore, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 273
Henry W MarshSon, Single22y 3mElectrical engineer fitter, Pond and Son Ltd, BlandfordSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 273
Marjorie MarshDaughter8y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 273

John William WattsHead, Married52y 2mBricklayer”s labourer, Mr J Silverthorne, Hazelbury BrianHazelbury Brian, DorsetRG15/10132 275
Rose Kate WattsWife, Married41y 11mHome dutiesFifehead, DorsetRG15/10132 275
Percy WattsSon, Single15y 8mBaker”s apprentice, Mr Rogers, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 275
Albert YeatmanStepson, Father dead14y 11mGrocers”s apprentice, Clibbett and Co, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 275
Lilian WattsDaughter, Mother dead13y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 275
Gladys YeatmanStepdaughter, Father dead9y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 275
Muriel WattsDaughter6Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 275

Fanny CoombesHead, Widow69y 7mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 277

Henry James HatcherHead, Married28y 3mChauffer gardener, Dr Watts-Silvester, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 279
Lilian May HatcherWife, Married28y 4mHome dutiesWimborne, DorsetRG15/10132 279

Harry John FoxHead, Married42y 2mCoal salesman, John Snow and Co, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 281
Elizabeth Ann FoxWife, Married41y 8mDomestic dutiesShaftesbury, DorsetRG15/10132 281
Dorothy May FoxDaughter, Single15y 2mNurse, F G Moore draper, Sturminster NewtonHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 281
Winifred Olive Lucy FoxDaughter12y 8mHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 281
Lilian Mary FoxDaughter9y 4mHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 281

Edward George PopeHead, Married42y 9mChecker milk factory, Sturminster Newton District FarmersSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 283
Florence Elizabeth PopeWife, Married40y 5mHome dutiesCrediton, DevonRG15/10132 283
Edward James PopeSon, Single18y 2mButcher, Short and Son, Sturminster NewtonItchen, HampshireRG15/10132 283
Albert Thomas PopeSon, Single16y 9mAgricultural worker, W Harold Clarke, BagberItchen, HampshireRG15/10132 283
Silas George PopeSon10y 9mScholarItchen, HampshireRG15/10132 283
Sylvia Grace PopeDaughter4y 11mScholarSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 283
Richard Harry PopeSon2y 10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 283

James John HatcherHead, Married58y 2mGardenerHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 285
Jane HatcherWife, Married58Home dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 285
Robert Stephen HatcherSon, Single23y 5mCaretaker, Comrades Hut, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 285
Walter HatcherSon, Single21y 2mStoreman, Blandford and Webb, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 285
Mary Helen HatcherDaughter, Single16y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 285
Nancy HatcherDaughter10y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 285

Morgan PittHead, Married34y 1mDairy foreman, Sturminster Newton and District Farmers LtdParkstone, DorsetRG15/10132 287
Flossie Rose PittWife, Married30y 6mHousehold dutiesBagber, DorsetRG15/10132 287
Cynthia Flossie Patricia PittDaughter5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 287

Ambrose KnottHead, Married65y 4mJobmasterRG15/10132 289
Mary KnottWife, Married63y 6mHome dutiesOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 289
Walter KnottSon, Married37y 4mTaxi chauffeurSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 289
Dorcas KnottDaughter, Single28y 8mDressmakerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 289
Joan KnottGranddaughter5y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 289
Maud DowdingCousin, Single20y 10mClerk, Pond and Son, BlandfordSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 289

Archie Edwin TraversHead, Married32y 6mHairdresser and tobacconistMotcombe, DorsetRG15/10132 291
Rosina Beatrice TraversWife, Married33y 8mHome dutiesGillingham, DorsetRG15/10132 291
Thomas GilesFather-in-law, Married58y 8mHouse painter, GA Rose, Sturminster NewtonNetherampton, WiltshireRG15/10132 291
Caroline Agnes GilesMother-in-law, Married56y 4mHome dutiesGillingham, DorsetRG15/10132 291

Susan Ann MullinsHead, Single52y 8mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 293

Tom DuffettHead, Married44y 5mHay trusser, Mr M Ealins, Child OkefordSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295
Loveday DuffettWife, Married41y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295
Bertha Lucy DuffettDaughter14y 10mApprentice dressmaking, Miss Knott, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295
Bob DuffettSon12y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295
Sam DuffettSon11y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295
Jack DuffettSon10y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295
Harry DuffettSon8Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295
Linda Mary DuffettDaughter6y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 295

William George VincentHead, Married46y 2mRailway signalman, Somerset and Dorset Railway, Sturminster NewtonWinterbourne Zelston, DorsetRG15/10132 297
Edith Esther VincentWife, Married44y 11mDomestic dutiesBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 297
Henrietta Edith VincentDaughter, Single21y 1mDomestic service, Mr C Stone, Sturminster NewtonBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 297
Kathleen Gertrude VincentDaughter, Single12y 9mStourpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 297

Sarah Ann StaceyHead, Widow58y 10mHome dutiesAlderholt, DorsetRG15/10132 299
Maurice StaceySon, Single19y 5mRailway porter, Somerset and Dorset Railway, Sturminster NewtonHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 299
Montague StaceySon, Father dead10y 3mBerwick St John, WiltshireRG15/10132 299

Nellie WeltonHead, Married37y 2mHome dutiesClifton, GloucestershireRG15/10132 301
Norman WeltonSon4y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 301

Roy HardingHead, Married24y 6mGrocer and newsagent journeyman, P C Harding Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 303
Florence HardingWife, Married24y 1mHome dutiesStreet, SomersetRG15/10132 303
Una HardingDaughter1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 303

James LydfordHead, Married64y 11mPostman (retired)Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 305
Susan LydfordWife, Married65y 5mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 305
Darcy LydfordSon, Single28Tailor & outfitters assistant, Barnett and Son Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 305
Rose LydfordDaughter, Single24y 6mDraper”s assistant, C H Stone, draper, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 305
Lily LydfordDaughter, Single22y 8mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 305

William Walter LydfordHead, Married38y 1mGrocer”s assistant, Co-Op stores, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 307
Clara Ann LydfordWife, Married23y 10mHome dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 307
Betty Kate LydfordDaughter2y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 307

Julia Beatrice CurtisHead, Single55y 2mGlove examiner, Dent Alcroft Ltd, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 309

Fanny M PotterHead, Single67y 5mHome dutiesWarminster, WiltshireRG15/10132 311
Jessie F C P DyerCousin, Single75y 4m`Teaching retiredPotterne, WiltshireRG15/10132 311

Edward MullinsHead, Married66y 3mTailor, H H Barnett, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 313
Louisa Jane MullinsWife, Married63y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 313
Ethel Georgina MullinsDaughter, Single38y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 313
Jesse Alan MullinsSon, Single24y 7mMilk collector, Sturminster & District FarmersSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 313
Ivor Leonard MullinsSon, Single22y 5mShop assistant, J J Strange, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 313
Victor Cyril MullinsSon, Single20y 1mMilk receiver and checker, Sturminster & District FarmersSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 313
Frieda Louise Ethel MullinsGranddaughter8y 6mParkstone, DorsetRG15/10132 313

John RoseHead, Married38y 5mMilk factory worker, District Farmers, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 315
Mary Maud RoseWife, Married39y 6mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 315
Kathleen RoseDaughter12y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 315
Ruth RoseDaughter10y 8mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 315
Dorcas RoseSon9y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 315
Phyllis RoseDaughter6y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 315

F C PainterHead, Married24y 5mUpholsterer, W Westwood, Sturminster NewtonBowden, SomersetRG15/10132 317
E PainterWife, Married23y 4mHome dutiesFareham, HampshireRG15/10132 317

Blanche Louisa PalmerHead, Widowed50y 1mBoot and shoe dealerIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 319
Grace Louise PalmerDaughter, Single19y 2mBoot and shoe dealer”s assistantSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 319
Jessie Eliza CandyVisitor, Single43y 3mProfessional nurse, 38 New Cavendish Street, LondonIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 319
Charles James Beynon WhebleVisitor, Married38y 1mUndertaker and cabinet makerBournemouth, HampshireRG15/10132 319
Alice Charity WhebleVisitor, Married41y 2mHome dutiesIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 319

Walter RidoutHead, Married53y 4mJobbing gardenerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 321
Annie RidoutWife, Married53y 1mChillenham, DorsetRG15/10132 321

Emily MasonHead, Married28y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 323
Leslie MasonSon11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 323

Charles WaltersHead, Married28y 7mGas fitter, Gas works, Sturminster NewtonTon Pentre, Glamorgan, WalesRG15/10132 325
Clarice WaltersWife, Married21y 0mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 325
Glyn WaltersSon5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 325

Harry Thomas ElkinsHead, Married40y 11mJob master, White Hart Yard, Sturminster NewtonClifton, BristolRG15/10132 327
Ellen Maud ElkinsWife, Married37y 1mElementary assistant school mistress, Sturminster girls schoolSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 327
Elvira Rose ElkinsDaughter12y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 327
Cicely Alice Mary ElkinsDaughter8y 10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 327

Rose Marian Roffey ShortHead, Single40Dressmaker, household dutiesBattersea, LondonRG15/10132 329

Elizabeth NewmanHead, Widow83y 1mHome dutiesBreach Farm, Marnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 331
Louisa MaidmentDaughter, Married57y 11mCharwomanHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 331
Elsie MaidmentGranddaughter, Single20y 7mDomestic servant, Mrs Allen, N P Bank, Sturminster NewtonHingefold, SussexRG15/10132 331

Tom BurtHead, Married44y 4mClicker, Mrs B Palmer. Boot and leather warehouse, Church Street, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 333
Clara BurtWife, Married42y 2mHome dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 333
Agnes BurtDaughter, Single21y 4mTailoress, J Knott, Church Street, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 333
Daisy BurtDaughter, Single16y 10mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 333
Stanley BurtSon13y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 333

Maria HatcherHead, Widow63y 4mLaundress, guardians of the workhouse, Sturminster NewtonHighbridge, SomersetRG15/10132 335
Edward HatcherSon, Married34y 1mMr Walters, Devon gas works, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 335

Tom BurtHead, Married74y 4mOld age pensionerHinton St Mary, DorsetRG15/10132 337
Sarah BurtWife, Married73y 9mOld age pensionerOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 337

James CourageHead, Married55y 6mBricklayer, Bird & Peppard, YeovilShillingstone, DorsetRG15/10132 339
Elizabeth Jane CourageWife, Married51y 11mDomestic dutiesAshmore, DorsetRG15/10132 339
Sydney John CourageSon, Single26y 7mJust out of armySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 339
Wilfred Charles CourageSon, Single19y 1mCabinet maker, Mr W Westcott, Sturminste NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 339

Harriett Agnes KerleyHead, Widowed57y 2mHome dutiesIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 341
Alice Maud KerleyDaughter, Single19y 11mNeedle woman, board of guardians, Sturminster Newton & district farmersIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 341
Charles KerleySon, Single18y 8mMotor engineer, Sturminster NewtonIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 341
Harold KerleySon, Single17y 6mTelegraph messenger, Post Office, Sturminster NewtonIwerne Minster, DorsetRG15/10132 341
Mabel Kate KerleyDaughter, Single15y 2mLeather glover, Dent & AllcroftShillingstone, DorsetRG15/10132 341

Adam Major CluettHead, Married73y 7mFarmerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 343
Alice CluettWife, Married70y 2mHome dutiesPoole Keynes, WiltshireRG15/10132 343
Annie Flora PeckDaughter, Widow48y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 343
Annie Flora CluettVisitor9y 7mBarnsley, YorkshireRG15/10132 343

Henry NewmanHead, Widower69y 11mFarm labourer, H Senior, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 345
Annie NewmanDaughter, Single33y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 345

Louis George TaylorHead, Married45y 7mGardener, Mr Spencer Smith, Vine House, Sturminster NewtonMarchwood, HampshireRG15/10132 347
Elizabeth Ann TaylorWife, Married45y 6mHome dutiesMarchwood, HampshireRG15/10132 347

Henry George SaveryHead, Widower73Jobbing gardenerChild Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 349
Beatrice Mabel BlakeDaughter, Married29y 3mHome dutiesKeyneston, DorsetRG15/10132 349
Albert Edwin BlakeSon-in-law, Married30y 11mTailor, Henry Seed & Sons, Market Place, Sturminster NewtonYeovil, SomersetRG15/10132 349

Tom BrownHead, Single45Butcher, out of workLydlinch, DorsetRG15/10132 351

Harry WhiteHead, Married69y 4mPolice force (retired)Fiddleford, DorsetRG15/10132 353
Mary Elizabeth WhiteWife, Married69y 6mWest Lulworth, DorsetRG15/10132 353

Otis A RoseHead, Married51y 11mBuilderSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 355
Marion A RoseWife, Married50y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 355
Mary E RoseDaughter, Single24y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 355
Mona C RoseDaughter, Single15y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 355
Katherine A RoseDaughter13y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 355

Thomas Carpertine Spencer SmithGrandson, Mother dead8y 6mExeter, DevonRG15/10132 357
Florence Louise WillsServant, Single46y 6mNurse privateBrockenhurst, HampshireRG15/10132 357
Lilian Caroline StamfordServant, Single20y 10mParlour maidLitton Cheney, DorsetRG15/10132 357
Beatrice May JordanServant14y 9mBetween maidMere, WiltshireRG15/10132 357
Masie WhitmanServant, Single49y 6mHousemaidStow on Wold, GloucestershireRG15/10132 357
Fanny BryantServant, Single45y 11mCookFordingbridge, HampshireRG15/10132 357
Margaret Cecily PhillimoreVisitor, Married46y 7mHome dutiesHastings, SussexRG15/10132 357
Cynthia May Louisa PhillimoreVisitor, Single20y 1mKingston, near Corfe Castle, DorsetRG15/10132 357
Mary Spencer SmithHead of household, Widow70y 5mHome dutiesHolme Purfail, NottinghamshireRG15/10132 357

Theophilus CowleyHead, Widowed85y 4mBuilder retiredSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 359

Edwin CowleyHead, Married40y 2mCarpenter, John Cowley, builder, Rixon, SturmnisterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 361
Clara CowleyWife, Married32y 6mHome dutiesMarnhull, Dorset, DorsetRG15/10132 361
Edwin CowleySon5y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 361
Ann W CowleyDaughter3y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 361
Catherine CowleyDaughter1y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 361
Ruth CowleyDaughter5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 361

Alfred Charles SealeHead, Married45y 4mForeman plate layer, Somerset & Dorset Railway, Sturminster NewtonChetnole, DorsetRG15/10132 363
Emma Ellen SealeWife, Married45y 5mHome dutiesShaftesbury, DorsetRG15/10132 363
Albert James SealeSon, Single15y 10mErrand lad, Dent & Allcroft, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 363

Nora RowlandWife, Married33y 8mHome dutiesUpham, DorsetRG15/10132 365
Marwood RowlandHead, Married33Store man, Blandford & Webb, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 365
Charlie PhillipsBrother, Single25y 10mAssistant dairy man, District farmers milk factory, SturminsterUpham, DorsetRG15/10132 365
Joyce PhillipsSister, Mother dead13y 1mSchoolgirlRingwood, DorsetRG15/10132 365

Annie Ethel WarehamHead, Single40y 6mCharwomanSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 367
Ashley WarehamSon, Single17y 6mCarpenter, Mr O Row, builder, SturminsterBroughton, HampshireRG15/10132 367
Nellie WarehamDaughter, Father NK12y 4mSouthampton, HampshireRG15/10132 367
Margery WarehamDaughter, Father NK8y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 367
Laura WarehamDaughter, Father NK7y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 367

Albert Edward EppsHead, Married47y 4mMerchant serviceSarisbury Green, HampshireRG15/10132 369
Annie May EppsWife, Married39y 4mHome dutiesFiddleford, DorsetRG15/10132 369
Lillian May EppsDaughter13y 11mTitchfield Common, HampshireRG15/10132 369
Edith Ethel Mary EppsDaughter11y 11mSwanwick Lane, HampshireRG15/10132 369
Arthur Edward EppsSon10y 5mSwanwick Lane, HampshireRG15/10132 369

Bessie WareHead, Single52y 6mLaundressSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 371

Henry RidoutHead, Married37y 10mPlate layer, Somerset & Dorset railwaySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 373
Edith May RidoutWife, Married31y 2mHome dutiesBurford St Martin, WiltshireRG15/10132 373
Ernest RidoutSon11y 8mFulham, LondonRG15/10132 373
William Henry RidoutSon4y 11mShepton Mallet, SomersetRG15/10132 373
Cyril George RidoutSon1y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 373

George HatcherHead, Married38y 4mGardening general labourer, H Glynne, Ham Gate Cottage, SturminsterMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 375
Mabel Annie HatcherWife, Married34y 3mHome duties & dress makerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 375

Reginald James MatthewsHead, Married32y 10mAssisting father with horses, William Matthews, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 377
Ada Maud MatthewsWife, Married30y 6mHome dutiesMisterton, SomersetRG15/10132 377

Louis MatthewsHead, Married30y 5mEngine driver, Rural District Council, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 379
Lucy MatthewsWife, Married27y 2mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 379
Claude MatthewsSon1y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 379
Jesse KingBoarder, Single23y 2mOut of work, late armySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 379
Bertie DuffettBoarder8y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 379

William MatthewsHead, Married52y 9mContractorSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 381
Beatrice MatthewsWife, Married53Home dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 381
Horace MatthewsSon, Single22y 1mLorry driver, milk factory, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 381
Harry MatthewsSon, Single18y 7mLorry driver, milk factory, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 381
Walter MatthewsSon13y 10mLorry assistant, milk factory, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 381
Leslie MatthewsSon11y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 381

Prudence PayneHead, Widow72y 6mRetired home dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 383

A RidoutHead, Single56y 1mCharwomanSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 385
Henry George Brown BrineBrother in law, Married50y 9mEngine driver, out of workBurton Bradstock, DorsetRG15/10132 385
Beatrice Annie BrineSister, Married40y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 385
Charles George BrineNephew, Single16y 6mDriver”s mate, out of workBournemouth, HampshireRG15/10132 385
Sidney James BrineNephew14y 8mErrand boyBelchalwell, DorsetRG15/10132 385
Edward Victor BrineNephew10Loudmell, HampshireRG15/10132 385
Walter BrineNephew1mDownton, WiltshireRG15/10132 385
Stanley Harold BrineNephew5y 4mWinchfield, WiltshireRG15/10132 385

Herbert ElsworthHead, Married62y 9mGeneral labourer, out of workWooland, DorsetRG15/10132 387
Jane ElsworthWife, Married63Home dutiesStalbridge, DorsetRG15/10132 387
Robert Herbert ElsworthSon, Single30y 8mCarter (farm), Jack Cluett, FiddlefordStoke Wake, DorsetRG15/10132 387
Tom DuffettBoarder, Mother dead5y 8mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 387

Joseph RidoutHead, Married64Gardener, Rev Ward, The Vicarage, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 389
Fanny RidoutWife, Married73y 8mHome dutiesOkeford Fitzpaine, DorsetRG15/10132 389
Harry RidoutSon, Single34y 6mPoultry farmer (out of work)Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 389
Maude RidoutDaughter-in-law, Married28y 6mHome dutiesNorwood, LondonRG15/10132 389
Phyllis RidoutGranddaughter1y 1mEastleigh, HampshireRG15/10132 389
Frank RoseBoarder, Single42y 8mGeneral labourer, Mr Duffet, Broad Oak farm, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 389
Ernest RoddBoarder, Single21y 6mSignalman, Somerset & Dorset railway, SturminsterCharlton Musgrave, SomersetRG15/10132 389

George KnottHead, Married46y 3mFarmerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Annie KnottWife, Married44y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Margaret KnottDaughter14y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Sidney George KnottSon13y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Arthur Roland KnottSon11y 8mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Phyllis KnottDaughter9y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Walter Maurice KnottSon8y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Joan KnottDaughter6y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391
Alec KnottSon3y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 391

Herbert Justice GlynnHead, Widower59y 6mElectrical engineer retiredChelsea, LondonRG15/10132 393
Mary Frances GlynnDaughter, Single24y 10mHome dutiesMere, WiltshireRG15/10132 393
Marjorie GlynnDaughter, Single21y 7mHome dutiesPrittlewell, EssexRG15/10132 393

John CluettHead, Married61y 4mContractorSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 395
Louisa CluettWife, Married58y 10mHome dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 395
George CluettSon, Single29y 8mAssisting fatherSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 395
Alfred CluettSon, Single24y 5mAssistingSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 395
Harry CluettSon, Single20y 2mAssisting father in general workSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 395
Lilian CluettDaughter, Single17y 8mElementary school teacher, Church school (girls), Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 395
Eva CluettDaughter15y 3mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 395
Sam CluettSon13Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 395

Cornelius CrewHead, Married31y 5mFishmonger, R Crew, Bridge St, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 397
Ella E CrewWife, Married29y 3mHome dutiesWest Coker, SomersetRG15/10132 397
Richard G CrewSon3y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 397
Kathleen R CrewDaughter7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 397

Tom MarshHead, Married66y 11mRailway labourer, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 399
Sarah Ann MarshWife, Married65y 10mHome dutiesMintern Magna, DorsetRG15/10132 399

Kate HortHead, Married59y 3mHome dutiesShepton Mallet, SomersetRG15/10132 401
Marion Christine HortDaughter, Single18y 9mElementary teacher, council school, Sturminster NewtonBodenham, WiltshireRG15/10132 401
Olive Margaret RichardsonDaughter, Widowed30y 9mHome dutiesShepton Mallet, SomersetRG15/10132 401
Albert Kenneth GammonBoarder, Single23y 5mLloyds Bank, Sturminster NewtonPetersfield, HampshireRG15/10132 401

Mary DennisHead, Single59y 6mHousehold dutiesStour Row, DorsetRG15/10132 403
Emma ChickFriend, Single74y 3mCricket St Thomas, SomersetRG15/10132 403

Frank Victor GunningHead, Married24Shorthand typist and general clerk, Senior and Godwin auctioneers, SturminsterBeaminster, DorsetRG15/10132 405
Florence GunningWife, Married32y 4mDomestic dutiesSilvertown, LondonRG15/10132 405
Frank Vivian GunningSon11mBeaminster, DorsetRG15/10132 405

Walter FudgeHead, Widower45y 6mPorter, Somerset and Dorset joint railway, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 407
Albert FudgeSon19y 2mUnder gardener, General Poore, Hinton St MarySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 407
Nellie Grace FudgeDaughter16y 9mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 407
Andrew Walter John FudgeSon14y 3mErrand boy, L H Stone, draper, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 407
Hector James FudgeSon11y 10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 407

Samuel George HarveyHead, Married41y 2mAutomobile engineer, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 409
Sabina Alice HarveyWife, Married38Home dutiesChild Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 409
Ruby Dixon HarveyDaughter14y 6mChild Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 409
Sylvia Mary HarveyDaughter11y 8mChild Okeford, DorsetRG15/10132 409
Arthur Douglas HarveySon9y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 409
Victor Gordon HarveySon6y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 409
Olive Beryl HarveyDaughter3y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 409

Harry T PhillipsHead, Married41y 6mHouse decorator, O Rose, Penny St, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 411
Lillie E PhillipsWife, Married41y 9mHousehold dutiesHolmwood, SurreyRG15/10132 411
Clyffard PhillipsSon, Single20y 9mClerk, Blandford & Webb corn stores, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 411
Edna K PhillipsDaughter, Single17y 9mDraper”s assistant, out of workSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 411
Grahame PhillipsSon9y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 411

John GillHead, Married47Hotel proprietorSouthampton, HampshireRG15/10132 413
Constance GillWife, Married49y 10mHome dutiesSwanage, DorsetRG15/10132 413
Lily SteeleNiece7y 5mNKRG15/10132 413
Esther GillVisitor, Widow70y 3mHome dutiesLimehouse, LondonRG15/10132 413
Elsie MarshridgeHelp, Single31y 2mMicheldever, HampshireRG15/10132 413
Gladys RydalServant, Single17Bar assistant, Rivers Arms, Sturminster NewtonMinsterworth, GloucestershireRG15/10132 413

Sidney Charles CurtisHead, Married33Workshop generalSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 415
Elizabeth CurtisWife, Married33y 3mHome dutiesMarnhull, DorsetRG15/10132 415
Cyril Charles CurtisSon4y 10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 415
Arthur John CurtisSon2y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 415

Leah NewmanHead, Widow76Home dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 417
Hubert NewmanSon, Widower36y 4mCarter, Blandford & Webb corn merchants, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 417
William John NewmanGrandson, Mother dead12y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 417
Albert Robert NewmanGrandson, Mother dead8y 8mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 417

J FudgeHead, Single45y 3mBricklayer”s labourer, J Cowley, SturminsterDorsetRG15/10132 419
Dorcas FudgeSister, Single33y 1mSturminster milk factoryDorsetRG15/10132 419

Charles GoddardHead, Married75y 7mPensionerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 421
Elizabeth GoddardWife, Married73y 7mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 421
Kate GoddardDaughter, Single30Milk factor, Sturminster Newton Farmers LtdSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 421

Walter J EllisHead, Married45y 9mRailway platelayer, Somerset & Dorset railwayBlandford, DorsetRG15/10132 423
Christine Annie EllisWife, Married40y 11mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 423
Doris Elizabeth EllisDaughter, Single16y 10mGlove maker (leather),Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 423
Walter John EllisSon, Single15y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 423
Bertha Kate EllisDaughter12Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 423
Lillian Annie EllisDaughter10y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 423

J G NorthoverHead, Married48y 3mGeneral labourerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 425
S J NorthoverWife, Married44Home dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 425
L J NorthoverSon8y 7mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 425
B NorthoverDaughter5y 11mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 425
S R NorthoverDaughter13y 1mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 425
M M NorthoverDaughter11y 4mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 425
W L NorthoverSon, Single20y 2mMotor driver, Sturminster Newton Milk FactorySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 425

William Charles DuffettHead, Widowed40y 10mHay trusser, Mr Bradford, PooleSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 427
Edward Charles DuffettSon15y 10mFarm labourer, Mr Frak Knott, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 427
Ivor James KingBoarder, Single22y 9mCarrier, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 427

Charles PorterHead, Married53y 4mFarm carter, Mr George Knott, Home Farm, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 429
Robina PorterWife, Married53y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 429
Samuel PorterSon, Single21y 9mFarm labourer, Mr Aleck Cross, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 429
Henry PorterSon, Single20y 3mEx soldier, retiredSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 429
Charles PorterSon, Single16y 11mGarden lad, B S Hollick, Medical doctor, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 429
Frank PorterSon13y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 429
Jack PorterSon9y 3mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 429

James BashfordHead, Married68y 3mCutlerBristol, GloucestershireRG15/10132 431
Annie BashfordWife, Married49y 10mHome dutiesMarnhull, Dorset, DorsetRG15/10132 431
Ernest Leonard BashfordSon14y 6mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 431
Amanda Mary BashfordDaughter12y 10mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 431

Harry RobertsHead, Married40y 1mFarm labourer, Mr E Short, SturminsterShaftesbury, DorsetRG15/10132 433
Dora Matilda RobertsWife, Married27y 9mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 433
Violet Dora RobertsDaughter9Sturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 433
Harry William RobertsSon6y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 433
Lily May RobertsDaughter4y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 433
Ella Vera RobertsDaughter1y 2mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 433

Eliza Ann BurtHead, Widow67y 2mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 435
Bertie BurtSon, Single23y 9mFarm labourer, Mr J Knott, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 435
George BurtSon, Single21y 7mFarm labourer, Mr John Cluett, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 435
John WilliamsBoarder, Single44Farm labourer, Mr E Short, SturminsterPlymouth, DevonRG15/10132 435

Samuel ShortHead, Married67y 6mOn sick list, Dorset county council, SturminsterSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 437
Lovday ShortWife, Married62y 10mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 437
John ShortSon, Single37Road labourer, Sturminster district councilSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 437
Elsie ShortDaughter, Single22y 7mLeather glove makerSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 437

James ShortHead, Married29y 1mRoad labourer for county council, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 439
Emily ShortWife, Married28y 1mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 439
Walter ShortSon, Single19y 11mRoad labourer for county council, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 439
Elizabeth ShortDaughter15y 9mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 439
Freelin ShortSon6y 5mSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 439

Sidney George CurtisHead, Married64y 5mRoad labourer, county council, Hinton St MarySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 441
Marcella CurtisWife, Married53y 8mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 441

Elizabeth LydfordHead, Widow58y 11mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 443

Kate DuffettHead, Widowed54y 7mLeather glover, Dent Allcroft, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 445
Leonard DuffettSon, Single22y 9mMotor driver, Sturminster Newton Milk FactorySturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 445
Joy HardimanDaughter, Married20y 10mMr Karsey, motor car proprietor, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 445
Bertie DuffettSon, Single17y 4mHome dutiesSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 445
Edward Clive DuffettSon, Single16y 4mGardener, Rev Ward, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 445
Courtney E HardimanGrandson5mErrand boy, Mr Paljaynes bootmaker, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 445
Wallis JenkinsBoarder, Single25Tin smith, Sturminster Newton milk factoryAndover, HampshireRG15/10132 445

Agnes Bessie GoddardHead, Widow49y 4mLaundryLydlinch, DorsetRG15/10132 447
Douglas Henry GoddardSon, Single18y 1mGardener, Col Whatman, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 447
Ronald Arthur GoddardSon, Father dead13y 2mErrand boy, F Y Moore, draper, Sturminster NewtonSturminster Newton, DorsetRG15/10132 447


The following have been transcribed from the free portion of the website and should be treated with caution until the original entries have been checked.


Louisa Agles1879East Stour, Dorset

John Stacey Trowbridge1875Dorset
Lucy Trowbridge1880Yeovil, Somerset
Crissy Ainsworth1906Bolton, Lancashire
Thomas Ralph Bowfield1901Somerset
Clifford George Heal1898Somerset
Herbert Sidney Lanthall1898Bournemouth, Hampshire

Emily Arnold

Sidney Barnes1878Sturminster Newton
Sarah Jane Barnes1881Stalbridge, Dorset
Frank Barnes1908Stalbridge, Dorset
Reginald Barnes1909Blackford, Somerset
Maurice Barnes1910Blackford, Somerset
Percival Barnes1912Blackford, Somerset
Montague Barnes1917Sturminster Newton

Henrietta Davidge1865Hinton St Mary, Dorset
Reginald John Davidge1895Dorset
George Alfred Barnes1850Wyke Regis, Dorset

Sydney Beale1880Sturminster Newton
Jessie Beale1875Sturminster Newton
Hector Beale1900Sturminster Newton
Doreen Beale1903Bishopstone, Wiltshire
Violet Beale1905Sturminster Newton
Raymond Beale1908Sturminster Newton

Fred Lemon1882Sturminster Newton
Florance May Lemon1885Sturminster Newton
Marion Joan Lemon1917Sturminster Newton
John Maxwell Lemon1921Sturminster Newton
William James Beale1841Dorset

William Belgian1850Stourton Caundle, Dorset

Atkinson Benet1850Sturminster Newton

Walter Bennett1876Dorset
Ada L Bennett1871
Sybil Bennett1906Dorset
Philip T Bennett1908Dorset

Charles Bennett1869Dorset
Catherine Ellen Bennett1870Dorset
Annie Bennett1903
May Bennett1905
John Charles Bennett1909
Robert Bennett1911
Herbert Bennett1913

Philip Bennett1875Dorset
Lillian Bennett1878Dorset
Robert Bennett1908Dorset
Cecil Bennett1910Dorset
Phyllis Bennett1912Dorset

Caroline Bleathman1841Sturminster Newton
Lilian Florence Yeatman1903

Eliza Bleathman1852Dorset
Edith Bleathman1864Salisbury, Wiltshire

George Brown1833Stalbridge, Dorset

Frank Rose1891Sturminster Newton
Ada A Rose1895Sturminster Newton

Charles Butt1872Wiltshire
Caroline Charlotte Butt1885Somerset

John Alfred Jones1920London
Elsie Virginia Jones1891Southwark, London
Dorothy Church1902Newbury, Berkshire

Charles Chutt1859Dorset

George Chutt1846Dorset

Allan Samuel Clarke1894Sturminster Newton

Samuel Clarke1863Belchalwell, Dorset
Annie Clarke1869Sturminster Newton
Fred Clarke1903Sturminster Newton
Mabel Ruth Clarke1912Sturminster Newton

Bertie Clarke1887Sturminster Newton
Annie Amelia Clarke1889Shillingstone, Dorset
Bertie Frank Clarke1914Sturminster Newton
Gertrude Rose Clarke1916Sturminster Newton
Lillian Sylvia Clarke1917Sturminster Newton
Wilfred Cecil Clarke1919Sturminster Newton

Harold William Clarke1895Dorset
Elsie E Clarke1896Liverpool, Lancashire
Doreen E E Clarke1919Liverpool, Lancashire

Elizabeth Clarke1852Stalbridge, Dorset

Arthur Charles Moore1893Shaftesbury, Dorset
Ernest George Clarke1902Dorset

Eliza Perry Clewett1834Somerset

Henry Cluett1860Sturminster Newton
Anna Cluett1863Lydlinch, Dorset
Wilfred H Cluett1898Sturminster Newton

Henry Cluett1850Dorset
Eliza Cluett1852Somerset
Eveline K Cluett1884Dorset

John Richard Collett1886Sturminster Newton
Lucy Hillary Collett1887Sturminster Newton
Richard J Collett1919Sturminster Newton

John Collins1855Dorset
Sarah Anne Collins1867Stalbridge, Dorset
Lucy Collins1901Dorset
Bessie Charlotte Collins1904Dorset
Ethel Lilian Collins1908Dorset
Sarah Anne Collins1911Dorset
Charles Maidment1867London

Frederick J Collins1892Dorset
Florence K Collins1892Dorset

Alfred Coombes1889Dorset
Florence Coombes1896Dorset
Ivy Coombes1921Dorset

George Coombes1877Newton, Dorset
Fanny Coombes1886Dorset
George Vincent Coombes1919Newton, Dorset
Philip John Coombes1921Newton, Dorset

Frank Corley1887Sturminster Newton
Curdence Gertrude Corley1885Dorchester, Dorset
Jane Caroline Corley1920London

John Cowley1872Dorset
Elizabeth Cowley1873Dorset
John Wilkins Cowley1901Dorset
Robert Cowley1902Dorset
Jessie Cowley1904Dorset
Alfred Cowley1906Dorset
Edwin Cowley1910Dorset
Phyllis May Cowley1912Dorset
Francis Cowley1914Dorset

Fredrick Cowley1874Sturminster Newton
Kate Cowley1883Sturminster Newton
Margaret Cowley1914Sturminster Newton
Frank Cowley1915Sturminster Newton
Bessie Cowley1917Sturminster Newton
Edith Cowley1919Sturminster Newton

Fabitha Crocker1846Marnhull, Dorset
Fanny Crocker1870Dorset
Bertram S Crocker1886Dorset
A Dorothea Crocker1891Dorset
Harry Fox1859Lydlinch, Dorset

Sidney James Crocker1880Sturminster Newton
Ellen Crocker1884Stalbridge, Dorset
Stanley Crocker1907Dorset
Leslie Gordon Crocker1908Dorset
Marjorie Crocker1915Sturminster Newton

Alexander Cross1885Dorset

Archie Cummins1881Hampshire
Edith Helen Cummins1877Hampshire
Stephen Thomas Cummins1911Hampshire

Albert Victor Curtis1897Dorset
Annie Elizabeth Curtis1897Dorchester, Dorset
Phyllis Mary Curtis1920Lancashire

Charles Curtis1854Dorset
Sarah Curtis1856Dorset
V J Rose Curtis1901Dorset

Ethel Curtis1878Dorset
Geoffrey A Curtis1907Dorset
Ellen Mabel Curtis1908Puddletown, Dorset
Phyllis M Curtis1909Marnhull, Dorset
Evelyn Dorothy Curtis1918
Donald Percy Curtis1919
Douzil Frank Curtis1921

Sabina Curtis1869Todber, Dorset
Maurice Trowbridge1890Dorset
Margaret Trowbridge1896Todber, Dorset
Edith Curtis1892Todber, Dorset
Ernest Curtis1906Todber, Dorset
Ida Curtis1910Todber, Dorset
Kenneth Curtis1913Todber, Dorset

William Pope Symonds1860Dorset
Mabel Charlotte Symonds1863Odiham, Hampshire
Winifred Amy Dare1903Somerset

Hannah Darke1846Marnhull, Dorset

Eliza Day1850Fife, Scotland
Ethel Day1882Dorset
Victor Day1887Dorset
Percy Walter Day1890Dorset

Silas Dean1844Marnhull, Dorset

Herbert Demoney1881Dorset
Mildred Martha Demoney1893Dorset
Herbert George Demoney1906Dorset
Decimus Henry Demoney1909Dorset
Stanley John Demoney1912Dorset

May Drake1843Dorset

Edwin Drew1843Stalbridge, Dorset

Samuel Duffeton1871Dorset

Eliza Duffett1852Sturminster Newton
Annie Duffett1888Sturminster Newton
Augustus Duffett1890Sturminster Newton
Nellie Duffett1902Sturminster Newton
John Duffett1911Sturminster Newton

Christian Martha Duffett1875Sturminster Newton
Elizabeth Duffett1899Sturminster Newton
John Rose Duffett1900Sturminster Newton
Edward James Duffett1914Sturminster Newton

Ernest Duffett1875Dorset
Florence Annie Duffett1881Dorset
Stanley Albert Duffett1908Dorset

Mary Elizabeth Duffett1867Dorset
Harry George Duffett1895Sturminster Newton
Una Mary Duffett1898Sturminster Newton

James Duffett1905Dorset

Samuel Elkins1866Dorset
Emily Elkins1866Shaftesbury, Dorset
Alfred Samuel Elkins1906Dorset
Dorothy Elkins1910Dorset
Maud Elkins1915Bristol, Gloucestershire

John Elkins1867Neston, Cheshire
Alice Elkins1865London

Harry Elkins1879Newton, Dorset
Alice Elkins1882Marnhull, Dorset
Phyllis Elkins1910Marnhull, Dorset

Sidney Elkins1874Newton, Dorset
Beatrice Elkins1877Dorset
Wilfred Elkins1897Newton, Dorset
Harold Elkins1905Newton, Dorset
Reginald Elkins1906Newton, Dorset

Sarah Elizabeth Elkins1837London
Eleanor Mary Ann Elkins1847Dorset
Beatrice Ellen Elkins1891Newton, Dorset

Thomas Elkins1849Sturminster Newton
Daisy Elkins1884Sturminster Newton

Susie Kate Elkins1901Dorset
Edith Lydia Elkins1904Hinton St Mary, Dorset

Edward Elkins1846Sturminster Common, Dorset

John Elkins1839Hinton St Mary, Dorset

Mary Ann Elkins1837Dorset

Gilbert Ellaway1920Lydlinch, Dorset

Kathleen Ellaway1918Lydlinch, Dorset

Eva Elsworth1896Sturminster Newton
Frederick Elsworth1897Dorset
Gwendoline Elsworth1921Sturminster Newton

Lydia Elsworth1850Dorset

Walter Henry Eyers1866Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Amelia Eyers1900Dorset

Sidney Eyers1887Sturminster Newton
Sarah Ann Eyers1882Sturminster Newton
Arthur John Eyers1916Sturminster Newton
Walter George Eyers1910Bournemouth, Hampshire
Walter Charley Eyers1912Bournemouth, Hampshire

Dinah Kore Fairbridge1849Dorset

Major J R Fish1867Sturminster Newton
Elsie R Fish1905Sturminster Newton
Annie E Fish1869Sturminster Newton

William Fisher1876Dorset
Emma Fisher1879Bapton, Wiltshire
George Fisher1901Dorset
William Fisher1902Dorset
Rose Fisher1906Dorset
Robert Fisher1908Dorset
Frederick Fisher1911Dorset
James Fisher1914Dorset
Bertram Fisher1917Dorset
Ruth Fisher1920Dorset

Lewis Charles Fox1855Sturminster Newton
Anne Fox1856Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
Mona Jefferies1910Wales

David Fox1849Sturminster Newton
Susan Fox1887Sturminster Newton
Charles Fox1891Sturminster Newton

Thomas Fox1848Dorset
Jane Fox1849Marnhull, Dorset

Susannah Mary Fox1876Havant, Hampshire
Kathleen Mary Fox1913Sturminster Newton

Walter Frent1878Ibberton, Dorset

Elizabeth Fridge1830Dorset

George Leonard Frost1876Bristol, Gloucestershire
Emily Frost1871London
Kenneth Frost1904London

Ellen Fudge1874Sturminster Newton
Ada Ethel Fudge1899Dorset
Lily Mary Fudge1900Fifehead Neville, Dorset

Mary Fudge1858Somerset
Martha Fudge1860Somerset
Andrew Fudge1906Somerset

Robert Fudge1848Dorset
Annie Fudge1897Dorset

Thomas Fudge1857Woolland, Dorset
Ellen Fudge1861Dorset
Walter Fudge1890Dorset
Charles Fudge1893Dorset
Sidney Fudge1899Dorset

Dorothy Fudge1906Dorset

Herbert Hugh Fudge1890Sturminster Newton
Gladys Muriel Fudge1912Sturminster Newton
Dulcie Fudge1893Sturminster Newton

Robert Fudge1861Sturminster Newton
Rachael Fudge1865Dorset

Rose Fudge1874Sturminster Newton

Henry Gass1870Dorset
Jane Gass1871Lydlinch, Dorset
William Gass1898Dorset
Dorcas Gass1901Dorset
Elizabeth Gass1904Dorset
Henry Gass1904Dorset
Olive Gass1908Dorset
Walter Gass1911Dorset

Deborah Gillingham1844Stourton Caundle, Dorset

Fanny Gillingham1839Dorset

Joseph Goddard1885Dorset
Fanny Goddard1888Dorset
Stephen Goddard1913Dorset
Cyril Goddard1920Dorset

Fanny Goddard1845Gillingham, Dorset

Thomas Goddard1839Dorset
Harriett Goddard1835Gillingham, Dorset
Kate Goddard1872Dorset
Montague H Hipwell1903Kensington, London

Philip Goddard1844Dorset
Wilfred George Goddard1902Dorset

Ernest Alfred Guy1916Dorset

Vera Agnes Guy1917Dorset

Winifred Guy1913Dorset

Fredrick James Hall1882Cucklington, Somerset
Mabel Matilda Hall1887Stalbridge, Dorset
Fredrick William Hall1912Stalbridge, Dorset
Arthur James Hall1915Stalbridge, Dorset
Stella May Hall1920Sturminster Newton

Sidney Charles Hall1876Dorset
Edith Ellen Hall1880Salisbury, Wiltshire
Clarence Eustace Hall1910Somerset
Gerald Sidney Hall1913Wrington, Somerset
Margery Ellen Hall1916Long Burton, Dorset
Nellie Mabel Hall1918Long Burton, Dorset

Frederick Hames1865Sturminster Newton

Basil Douglas Handscomb1886Redhill, Surrey
Louisa Rebecca Handscomb1886Redhill, Surrey
Joan Eileen Handscomb1912Westbury, Buckinghamshire
Beryl Enid Handscomb1917Tottenham, Middlesex
Ernest William Handscomb1884Sussex

Arthur John Hardey1871Dorset
Beatrice Ann Hardey1871Dorset
Eileen Doris Hardey1903Dorset

Henry Rose Harris1853Sturminster Newton
Emily Harris1864Sherborne, Dorset
Mabel Rose Harris1895Sturminster Newton
Ethel Rose Harris1901Sturminster Newton

Jemima Harris1838Dorset

Emma Hart1894Shillingstone, Dorset

Job Hatcher1852Marnhull, Dorset

Sylvia Hatcher1847Marnhull, Dorset

Robert Hoare1853Dorset
Ellen Hoare1854Tiverton, Devon
Mary Ann Hoare1852

William Hoddmott1880Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales
Margaret Hoddmott1876Yorkshire
Benjamin George Hoddmott1920Bagber, Dorset

Male Npurt Hollier1921Dorset

Charles L B Hopkins1855
Annie E Hopkins1874Newton, Dorset

Frederick Charles Jones1892Bournemouth, Hampshire
Ada Margaret Jones1891London, London

Arthur William Joyce1867Dorset
Elizabeth Joyce1872Hamerton, Huntingdonshire
Ella Joyce1907Hampshire
Marjorie Joyce1911Hampshire
Gwendoline Joyce1914Hampshire
Alice Joyce1917Broughton, Hampshire
Edith Anne Joyce1873Dorset

Alma Kelter1917Frome, Somerset

Ellen Kelter1920Dorset

Kathleen Rose Kettie1893Dorset

William Killer1852Dorset
Ellen Kate Killer1881West Lydford, Somerset
Lily Killer1906West Lydford, Somerset

Amelia King1858Dorset
William King1863Dorset
Bessie King1870Dorset
Jessie King1896Dorset
William John King1904Dorset

Harry King1865Dorset

Harry George King1896Bournemouth, Hampshire
Olive Mary King1896Dorset

Tom King1865Sturminster Newton

William King1870Dorset
Sarah Rose King1869Dorset
John Meaden1893Shillingstone, Dorset
Tom Warren1903Dorset

Harry William Knott1889Sturminster Newton
Amy Knott1889Sturminster Newton

Tom Knott1890Dorset
Marina Knott1894Dorset
Cyril Tom Knott1921Dorset

Tom Knott1862
Emma Knott1859
Ivor Knott1898
Maggie Knott1900

Frank Knott1862Dorset
Ivy Knott1898Dorset
Olive Knott1902Dorset

Herbert Knott1891Dorset
Mabel A Knott1896Somerset
Kenneth Hee Knott1920Dorset

John Knott1881Sturminster Newton
Mary Knott1882Wales
Kathleen Marjorie Knott1908Bournemouth, Hampshire
John Knott1910Bournemouth, Hampshire
Mildred Audrey Knott1916Bournemouth, Hampshire

Henry Lane1881Lydlinch, Dorset
Dora Lane1882Dorset
Harold Lane1905Dorset
Eva Lane1909Bagber, Dorset
Albert Lane1912Bagber, Dorset
Ivor Lane1914Bagber, Dorset

Fred Lane1851Lydlinch, Dorset

Leonard Leamon1886Welborne, Norfolk
Emily Leamon1886Sturminster Newton
Sidney Knott1858Sturminster Newton

Harry Ledger1891Devizes, Wiltshire

Catharine Lemson1834Sturminster Newton

Frances Lite1867Dorset

William Price Llewellyn1842
William Llewellyn1879

Ernest Lloyd1893Devizes, Wiltshire
Nelly Louise Lloyd1890Devizes, Wiltshire
Kenneth Douglas Lloyd1916Sturminster Newton
Phyllis Vegan Lloyd1921Sturminster Newton

Mary Ann Lucas1868Sturminster Newton

Alice Lulk1882Marnhull, Dorset

William Percy Lumb1882Southampton, Hampshire
Ethel Lumb1881Winton, Hampshire
Winifred Phyllis Lumb1907Southampton, Hampshire
Francis Bruce Lumb1910Sixpenny Handley, Dorset

Percy Lydford1891Newton, Dorset
Ethel May Lydford1891Somerset
Edith Muriel Lydford1916Newton, Dorset

Tom Maidment1881Dorset
Beatrice Ellen Maidment1885Dorset
Edward Henry Walten Maidment1913Dorset
Albert Philip Maidment1916Dorset

Agnes Mathews1858Dorset

Jack Matthews1895Sturminster Newton
Hilda Louise Matthews1894Dorset
Edward Philip Linnington1912Dorset

Frank Meadows1852Stalbridge, Dorset
Elizabeth Meadows1850Wootton Glanville, Dorset
Arthur Meadows1913Holwell, Dorset

Arthur Miles1877Dorset
Millicent Miles1882Hampshire
Millicent Annie Miles1905Stoke Abbott, Dorset
Edgar Tom Miles1906Stoke Abbott, Dorset
Louise Miles1908Dorset
Cyril William Miles1909Dorset
Ada Mary Miles1912Dorset
Betty Miles1914Dorset
Mabel Ruth Miles1920Dorset

Arthur Miller1869Dorset
Alice Miller1870Hilton, Dorset
Olive Miller1894Hilton, Dorset
Stanley Miller1905Dorset

George Moore1884Dorset
Eliza Moore1888Dorset
Doris Moore1912Dorset
Norman Moore1919Dorset

Lottie May Moore1893Dorset
Ernest Marwood Moore1920Shaftesbury, Dorset

Henry William Moore1875
Florence H Moore1871Street, Somerset
Reginald C Moore1898Street, Somerset
John R Moore1903Street, Somerset
Thompson H Moore1910Street, Somerset
Richard Lamb1844Street, Somerset
Lucy Ann Lamb1845Street, Somerset

Harriet Ann Moore1855Maidstone, Kent
Sheila Moore1920Eynsham, Oxfordshire

Maud Moss

Henry Barttett Mudge1862Ivybridge, Devon
Olive Mudge1863Ringwood, Hampshire
Frances Harding1850Dorset

Cyril Newman1916Dorset
Walter E Newman1914Dorset
Sarah Osmond1871Dorset
Charles Fish Park1857Sturminster Newton
Susan Park1857Milton, Hampshire
George Charles John Parr1903Stockwell, London
Gertrude Annie Parr1875Battersea, London
Herbert John Parr1875Greenwich, London
Joseph Parsons1856Stalbridge, Dorset
Susan Parsons1860Lydlinch, Dorset
Tom Parsons1885
Lily Paulley1888Dorset
Harry Pech1900Sturminster Newton
John E Pech1907Hampshire
Leonard Pelman1906Dorset
Albert Henry Penny1918Essex
Blanche Penny1881Dorset
Catherine Penny1856
Elizabeth Penny1854Sherborne, Dorset
Florence Penny1914Ireland
Florence May Penny1898Sturminster Newton
George Penny1891Sturminster Newton
Harry Penny1894Sturminster Newton
Jessie Penny1890Sturminster Newton
Thomas Penny1855Sherborne, Dorset
C H Phillips1858Upham, Hampshire
Cyril William Phillips1903Upham, Hampshire
Leslie Alice Phillips1906Ferndown, Dorset
Peter John Phillips1904Upham, Hampshire
Sybil Phillips1901Upham, Hampshire
Sarah Pickford1852
Beatrice Pitman1881Dorset
Harold Pitman1908Sturminster Newton
Percy Pitman1917Sturminster Newton
Philip Pitman1905Dorset
Charlotte Poole1851Dorset
George Poole1853Dorset
William Poole1898Dorset
Annie F Pope1891Dorset
Leslie Pope1918Portsmouth, Hampshire
Levind Pope1850Dorset
Vera Eva Pope1920Newton, Dorset
Walter Pope1865Dorset
Walter C Pope1885Dorset
James Pulman1852Mappowder, Dorset
George Rabbetts1853Dorset
Mary Hector Bennett Rabbetts1893Dorset
Phillip Ralpn1840Stalbridge, Dorset
Eleanor Read1854Gateshead, Durham
J Phillips Read1853Monmouthshire, Wales
Ada Daisy Rideout1893Dorset
Arthur George Rideout1892
Eileen Margaret Rideout1921Somerset
Kate Rideout1885Dorset
Mary Jane Rideout1914Dorset
Walter Rideout1884Dorset
Walter John Rideout1919Dorset
William Edward Rideout1921Dorset
Susan Ridout1846Dorset
Anne Ring1850Dorset
Eda Annie Roberts1883West Meon, Hampshire
Evan George Roberts1921Dorset
Frances Emma Roberts1892Lydlinch, Dorset
George Roberts1859Lydlinch, Dorset
Gladys Marion Roberts1916Newton, Dorset
Jane Roberts1858Lydlinch, Dorset
Walter Henry Roberts1884Lydlinch, Dorset
Ellen Matilda Roles1870Dorset
Ellen May Roles1894Hinton St Mary, Dorset
Walter John Roles1865Dorset
Albert Rose1908
Amelia Rose1845Dorset
Ann Rose1855Sturminster Newton
Aubrey C Rose1902Dorset
Bessie C Rose1867Newton, Dorset
Betsey Rose1851Newton, Dorset
Bryan Rose1917Dorset
Caleb Edwin Rose1876Bagber, Dorset
Charles Rose1854Sturminster Newton
Cyril Rose1901Dorset
Edith Amy Rose1890Sturminster Newton
Eliza Emily Rose1897Dorset
Elizabeth Rose1875Dorset
Ellie Septine Rose1881Dorset
Emily Rose1863
Emily Rose1863East Coker, Somerset
Emma Rose1852Dorset
Emma Rose1861Newton, Dorset
Emma Rose1881Shapwick, Somerset
Emma Rose1881Dorset
Ethel Rose1882Dorset
Ethel Rose1898Newton, Dorset
Ethel Rose1903
F S Rose1895
Flossie May Rose1900Sturminster Newton
George Rose1864Sturminster Newton
George Rose1866
Harry Rose1879Bagber, Dorset
Henry Rose1854Dorset
Herbert Rose1894Sturminster Newton
Hilda Lilian Rose1908Sturminster Newton
Howard Charles Rose1910Dorset
James Rose1856Dorset
James Rose1866Dorset
James Rose1881Sturminster Newton
John Levi Rose1894Dorset
Kate Rose1857Ratby, Leicestershire
Lily Rose1890Sturminster Newton
Lydia Rose1885
Mabel Elsie Rose1889Dorset
Mary B Rose1866
Mary Elizabeth Rose1866Sturminster Newton
Mary Emily Rose1856Dorset
Percy Rose1900
Reginald George Rose1892Newton, Dorset
Reuben George Rose1872Dorset
Robert Rose1855Sturminster Newton
Robert C Rose1897Dorset
Sidney Rose1868Dorset
Sidney Rose1889Dorset
Stanley Frank Rose1917Sturminster Newton
Tom Rose1884Dorset
Violet A Rose1908Dorset
Walter Rose1849Newton, Dorset
Walter Rose1898Sturminster Newton
Walter Claude Rose1898Sturminster Newton
Walter George Rose1862Newton, Dorset
Wilfred Rose1893Dorset
Winnie Maud Rose1911Sturminster Newton
Cecil Rowland1920Sturminster Newton
Charlotte Rowland1870Dorset
Clifford Rowland1913Somerset
Elizabeth Rowland1898London
Ernest Rowland1918Sturminster Newton
Harry Rowland1917Sturminster Newton
John Rowland1885Dorset
Mary Matilda Rowland1857Dorset
Samuel Rowland1858Dorset
Sarah Rowland1868Dorset
Thomas Rowland1861Dorset
Walter James Rowland1888Sturminster Newton
Albert John Russell1879Sturminster Newton
Clara Elizabeth Russell1879South Lambeth, London
Diana Kate Russell1868Stalbridge, Dorset
Dulcie Sybil Elizabeth Russell1904Sturminster Newton
Edmund George Russell1867Dorset
Phyllis Kathleen Russell1905Sturminster Newton
Randolf Oscar John Russell1907Sturminster Newton
Jane Sanson1846Dorset
Ellen Saunders
Louisa Savoury1849Hammoon, Dorset
Edith Lilian Scales1892York, Yorkshire
Mary Sophia Scott1836Congleton, Cheshire
Clara Jane Senior1844Dorset
Harry Samuel Senior1848Dorset
Bessie Sherred1886Dorset
Amy Deborah Shiner1873
Fred G Shiner1908
George Shiner1889Dorset
Wilfred Shiner1906Rampisham, Dorset
Alfred Short1909Sturminster Newton
Bernard Philip Short1908Sturminster Newton
Cecil George Short1904Sturminster Newton
Edmund Short1874Sturminster Newton
Edwin Short1860Sturminster Newton
Fanny Short1879Sturminster Newton

Frederick Short1894Sturminster Newton
Kate Short1886East Orchard, Dorset
May Jane Wilkins1859

Jesse Short1899Sturminster Newton
John Short1871Sturminster Newton
Lillian Julia Short1903Sturminster Newton
Mabel Ellen Short1893Keinton Mandeville, Somerset
Maria Short1860Sturminster Newton
Martha Bessie Short1875Sturminster Newton
Mary Ann Short1850Dorset
Mary Jane Short1856Dorset
Reginald Short1913
Robert Edward Short1902Sturminster Newton
Sybil Short1906Sturminster Newton
Walter Short1885Newton, Dorset
Wilfred John Short1897Sturminster Newton
William Short1851Dorset
William Short1854Newton, Dorset
William John Short1883Newton, Dorset
Carline Showen1867
Eliza Smith1846Dorset
Isaac Smith1850Dorset
Robert Smith1863Dorset
Edward Marie Spicer1909Dorset
Jack Colenss Spicer1911Dorset
Jane Spicer1893Dorset
Joseph Frander Spicer1875Dorset
Lottie Gwendoline Spicer1905Dorset
Robert Oswald Spicer1907Dorset
Stanley Angilla Spicer1913Dorset
Will Frander Spicer1917Dorset
Cyril Stainer1916Sturminster Newton
Daisy Stainer1881Sturminster Newton
Edna Stainer1911Sturminster Newton
Freda Stainer1910Sturminster Newton
Gwennie Stainer1906Sturminster Newton
Samuel Stainer1877Sturminster Newton
Harry Staines1879Bagber, Dorset
Sarah Staines1866Sturminster Newton
William Staines1851Bagber, Dorset
Edwin Stanley1897Sturminster Newton
Charlie Stockley1920Dorset
Ethel Stockley1891Yeovil, Somerset
Frederick Stockley1911Yeovil, Somerset
Leslie Stockley1912Yeovil, Somerset
Nora Stockley1917Dorset
Percy Stockley1889Dorset
Vera Stockley1914Dorset
Dorothy Annie Stokes1906Dorset
Henry James Stoneman1874Kingsbridge, Devon
Bessie Strange1869Pimperne, Dorset
Gettrude Mary Helen Strange1901Dorset
Gordon Wilfred Strange1921Dorset
Harold Edward Strange1903Dorset
Wilfred Henry Strange1899Dorset
William Strange1870Dorset
William Charles Strange1900Dorset
Christine Stride1917Sturminster Newton
Henry J Stride1884Dorset
Hilda Stride1893Dorset
Mary Stride1916Sturminster Newton
Edward Noel Callis Symonds1896Walton, Suffolk
Evelyn Mabel Symonds1894London
John Taylor1903Paddington, London
Jennina Ann Tibbetts1848Dorset
Dorothy May Topp1901Sturminster Newton
Emily Topp1862Tiverton, Devon
Frank Topp1857Sturminster Newton
Frank Harding Topp1896Sturminster Newton
George Nicholls Topp1898Sturminster Newton
Richard Topp1846Sturminster Newton
Richard Topp1847Colchester, Essex
Richard Cyril Topp1904Sturminster Newton
Agnes Trowbridge1861Dorset
Albert Trowbridge1874Dorset
Amy Trowbridge1871Wincanton, Somerset
Douglas Trowbridge1908Lindfield, Sussex
Eileen Trowbridge1918Todber, Dorset
Emily Louisa Trowbridge1873Stourpaine, Dorset
Ethel Trowbridge1897Woodham, London
Frank Trowbridge1857Dorset
Frank Trowbridge1866Dorset
Frederick Trowbridge1895Dorset
Frederick Trowbridge1918Sturminster Newton
Harry Trowbridge1919Sturminster Newton
Herbert Trowbridge1885Dorset
Irene Trowbridge1906Lindfield, Sussex
Leslie Trowbridge1921Sturminster Newton
Lionel Trowbridge1902Gillingham, Dorset
Louisa Trowbridge1859Dorset
Marion Trowbridge1907Dorset
Marjorie Trowbridge1917Bournemouth, Hampshire
Mary Ann Trowbridge1847Not Known
Richard William Trowbridge1913Sturminster Newton
Sarah Trowbridge1893Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
Albert Thomas Tuck1865
Arthur Tuck1907Sturminster Newton
Edwin Tuck1900Sturminster Newton
Fanny Tuck1896Sturminster Newton
Mary Tuck1900Sturminster Newton
Sarah Jane Tuck1872Sturminster Newton
Bessie Tuffin1893Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Doris R Tuffin1920Dorset
Edwin Charles Tuffin1891Sturminster Newton
Frank Tuffin1856Dorset
Gilbert T Tuffin1908Lydlinch, Dorset
Hiram T Tuffin1880Dorset
Ivy C Tuffin1906Dorset
James Tuffin1845Dorset
Marwood Tuffin1882Bagber, Dorset
May E Tuffin1881Stalbridge, Dorset
Reginald Tuffin1888Bagber, Dorset
Robert A Tuffin1918Dorset
Ruth Marjorie Tuffin1919Shillingstone, Dorset
Sidney Tuffin1884Bagber, Dorset
Walter Charles Tuffin1853Lydlinch, Dorset
William Henry Tuffin1847Lydlinch, Dorset
Ellen Turk1895Stour Provost, Dorset
Francis Turk1888Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Fred Turk1895Sturminster Newton
Harry Turk1886Bournemouth, Hampshire
Alice Upshall1905Dorset
Amy Bertha Upshall1904Dorset
Arthur Edwin Upshall1883Newton, Lancashire
Beatrice Kate Upshall1882Dorset
Cescil Upshall1916Dorset
Charles Upshall1899Dorset
Christopher Upshall1878Sturminster Newton
Cisely Upshall1906Dorset
Edward James Upshall1910Dorset
Elsie Upshall1894Hinton St Mary, Dorset
Evelyn Upshall1919Dorset
Fanny Upshall1869Shillingstone, Dorset
Freda Florance Upshall1892Dorset
Frederick William Upshall1872Newton, Lancashire
George Upshall1857Dorset
Henry Upshall1887Dorset
Henry C Upshall1894Dorset
John Upshall1893Dorset
John Eyers Upshall1885Dorset
Kenneth C Upshall1920Dorset
Louisa Upshall1897Dorset
Mary Ann Upshall1844Newton, Lancashire
Percy Upshall1899Dorset
Robert Upshall1901Dorset
Sydney George Upshall1907Dorset
Unity Upshall1864Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Victor Charles Upshall1875Bagber, Dorset
Victoria C J K Upshall1905Dorset
Walter Upshall1889Child Okeford, Dorset
William Charles Upshall1840Newton, Lancashire

Sidney Watts1907Not Known

Martha Wheeler1863

Emma White1831Dorset

Annie Woodley

Edwin James Woodroffe1902Hampstead, London

Charles Wort1892Dorset
Emily Mary Wort1892Dorset
Stnn May David Wort1921


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