Operation Pied Piper evacuated 1.5 million people in the first three days of September 1939. A second wave of evacution took place in 1940 when a millon people were moved after the surrender of France and during the Blitz. Another million people were evacuated in Operation Rivulet between July and September 1944.

Some of the children evacuated to Sturminster Newton were originally pupils at Walworth Central school in south London.

The list of evacuees found so far.

Joan Irene Bateman 1926- Born: Lambeth, London
Olive Mary Bateman 1928-1982 Born: Lambeth, London
John Bowles 1933-2010 Born: Eastry, Kent
John Thompson Cameron 1935-1986 Born: Southwark, London
Robert Stark Cameron 1930-1973 Born: Southwark, London
Bessie A Cave 1925- Born: Camberwell, London
Yvonne Gwendoline Lee Chappell 1924-2011 Born: Camberwell, London
David C Coleman 1936- Born: Camberwell, London
Frederick Arthur Coleman 1926-1984 Born: Camberwell, London
Helen B Coleman 1930- Born: Camberwell, London
Iris M Coleman 1929- Born: Camberwell, London
Joan A Coleman 1924- Born: Camberwell, London
Joan Lilian Cundle 1940-1941 Born: Southwark, London
Helen Elsie Earle 1902- Born: Camberwell, London
Peter Albert Fisher 1939-1956 Born: Stepney, London
Doreen Frisby 1927- Born: Camberwell, London
Edith Fry –
Winifred Elizabeth Gray 1926-1992 Born: Camberwell, London
Harriet Annie Hales 1899-
Mary Hall 1909-
Audrey Harsant 1923- Born: Lambeth, London
Joan Elizabeth Hodgkins 1926- Born: Chelsea, London
Audrey Holmes 1927- Born: Hackney, London
Betty Holmes 1925- Born: Hackney, London
Phyllis Dorothy House 1931-2005 Born: Lambeth, London
Sheila M A House 1937- Born: Camberwell, London
Doreen M Humphries 1926-
Edith Louisa Rosa Kemp 1926-2022 Born: Camberwell, London
Valerie A Lake 1939- Born: Camberwell, London
Edna May Levens 1927-1982 Born: Lambeth, London
Freda Margaret Levens 1930-1999 Born: Camberwell, London
Elizabeth Mary Long 1911- Born: Toronto, Canada
Michael Muddiman 1936- Born: Southampton, Hampshire
Ruby Murray 1929- Born: Southwark, London
Norton Alfred Myhill 1930- Born: Camberwell, London
Verena Agnes Newby 1908- Born: St Pancras, London
Iris Violet Rayner 1927-2006 Born: Camberwell, London
Amelia Ellen Robertson 1911-2004 Born: Southwark, London
Ruth Margaret Stannett 1925- Born: Lambeth, London

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