Dorothy Maud [Mullett] Carter, 1903-1984

Born: 10 May 1903; Holwell, Dorset

Census: 1911: Sandhills Farm, Holwell, Dorset
1939: Bakery, Cross Roads, Sturminster, Dorset

Died: 1984; North Dorset

Father: Silas Charles Mullett 1874 –

Mother: Maud Mary [Rose] Mullett 1876 –

Siblings: Amy Winifred Mullett 1900 – , Ivy Gwendolen Mullett 1905 – , Ruby Gladys Mullett 1907 –

Married: Wilfred George Edward Carter; 15 Oct 1922; Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset

Children: Madeline [Carter] Hussey 1929 – , Iris Margaret [Carter] Drake 1930 – , Christine Mary [Carter] Chaffey 1932 –

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Jane [Mullett] Rose, 1779-1866

Born: 1779; Lydlinch, Dorset

Christened: 2 May 1779; Lydlinch, Dorset

Census: 1841: Newton, Sturminster Newton Castle, Dorset
1851: Newton, Sturminster Newton Castle, Dorset

Died: 1866; Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Buried: 20 Feb 1866; Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Father: William Mullett

Mother: Elizabeth Mullett

Married: Samuel Rose; 7 Feb 1804; Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Children: Joseph Rose 1806 – 1878, William Rose 1808 – 1890, Solomon Rose 1810 – 1852, Eliza [Rose] Cluett 1813 – , Job Rose 1817 – 1888, George Rose 1820 –

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William Samuel Mullett, 1880-1953

Born: 27 Oct 1880; Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset

Census: 1881: Cottage, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
1891: Upper St, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
1901: Upper Street, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
1911: Butts Farm Cottages, Castle Road, New Sarum, Wiltshire
1939: Dragona Farm, Cowfold, Horsham, Sussex

Died: 1953; Horsham, Sussex

Father: Samuel Mullett 1855 – 1909

Mother: Lydia Sarah [Rose] Mullett 1861 – 1918

Siblings: Lydia Sarah Mullett 1879 – 1882, Frederick James Mullett 1882 – 1919, Audrey May Mullett 1887 –

Married: Henrietta Jeans; 1902; Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Children: William Edward Mullett 1903 – , Victor Mullett 1904 – , Violet Audrey Mullett 1906 – 1992, Henrietta Rose Mullett 1908 – , Kathleen Lydia Mullett 1910 – , John Mullett 1922 –

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Frederick Mullett

On Monday afternoon an accident, which proved fatal, happened to a Mr Fred Mullett, farmer, of Okeford Fitzpaine, as he was leaving the Sturminster Newton Market to go home. It appears that Mr Mullet had recently purchased a young horse, and had driven it to the market in a waggon, for the purpose of taking home a load cattle cake, &c. Mrs Mullett, two children, and his man accompanied him. At about 2.30 they stopped in Bridge street, while Mr Mullett went into a shop, his man attending to the horse. When Mr Mullett came out of the shop he held the horse the head, while his man was about to take the reins and get into the waggon, when for some unknown reason, the horse suddenly became restless and started to run away down the hill. Mr Mullett and the man tried to check the horse, and at that moment Mr Jasper Miller’s sons were passing in a pony trap, and the waggon and pony trap collided. The trap was smashed to pieces, and Mr Mullett was thrown under his horse and waggon, the wheels passing over his body. With the heavy load death was almost instantaneous. The man held on to the horse’s head down the hill for some distance, but being almost exhausted, and fearing a similar fate might happen to him, he let go. Mrs Mullett and the two children were left in the waggon, with the reins loose about the horse’s hind-quarters and the horse galloping at full speed. All who saw it feared that on turning the corner at Bridge the waggon would overturn, with the result of further loss of life, but, fortunately, this was not so, and the horse was stopped near the Cemetery without further injury or damage.
As a rule, and especially market on days, there is considerable traffic on this road and many people about, but, fortunately, at the time the accident very little was the road, or there might have been further collisions.
Mr Mullett was taken to the St Mary’s Nursing Home, and Drs Hollick and Watts-Silvester sent for. They were on the spot almost immediately after the accident, and pronounced life extinct.
The deepest sympathy is felt for the widow and family in their very sad and sudden bereavement.
An inquest took place at the Nursing Home Dispensary on Tuesday afternoon, before Mr W H Creech (coroner) and a jury, of whom Mr W Westcott was chosen foreman.
After hearing the evidence, the jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death” and expressed their sympathy with the widow and family.

Western Gazette, page 9, Jan 3 1919